Brokers all across the valley schedule tours for the average prospect but Director of Retail Leasing Mary Nollenberger, with SVN Desert Commercial Advisors, is working with Palette Collective Studios to bring in a variety of different tenants to the 10,000 square foot building in Tempe, AZ. 

Just recently, Nollenberger hosted a broker event at the large space in the retail shopping center at 7720 S. Priest Dr. The owners, Seth Wells and Brett Kalina originally met through mutual colleagues and worked together on several residential real estate projects before introducing this new commercial concept, Palette Collective. 

Mary Nollenberger

To date, they have 4 locations in the valley which has brought a unique concept in redefining the workplace for small business owners.  “We want to accommodate different industries as it applies to our tenants,” Wells stated.  The owners want to let the business community know that their locations are more than just real estate.  Wells went onto say, “We are trying to reshape and redefine what CRE is for people by offering that small or more tangible, more manageable opportunity for a small business owner.  We want to be known as people that can help them develop and grow their business too.”  

Palette Collective has 46 suites that can be customized for their tenant.  The Tempe location is about 50% occupied and hope to add to their tenant list over the next few months. SVN Advisor, Nollenberger will be helping in the process for her clients that do not need a huge retail or office space, but rather a working space for their business.  The partnership will open more opportunities for small business users and also bring awareness to those who just want to work freely on any given day.  Co-owner Kalina stated, “We are creating universal designs for everyone. We are a little bit different than most, because our concept is about bringing in tenants of all types of businesses.” 

“This event allowed the community brokers to see the value of connection, collaboration, and coffee,” said Nollenberger.  “Palette Collective offers this as top solution for small businesses.”  Each location has a coffee shop in the lobby with a selection of open seating right in the front.  Anyone can walk in, order some coffee or snacks, set up their work station at the tables or sit comfortably on the couch and work independently.  As seen on Instagram, “I love @palettecollective brand and what they are all about!! Love working there,” said by IG user @forge_studio_az.  A testimonial that is highly recognized from one of their tenants. 

The Palette Collective has so much in store for the valley.  The Queen Creek location will be opening soon and the owners hopes to open more locations all across the valley.  The co-working space is also the new “Marketplace” for all business owners who just want a place to work.  Not only is it open to the public, people can rent it out for meetings, conference room training, and/or a place to host business events and more.  Additionally, the locations offer workshops and training to their tenants on how to market and grow their business as well as working with a list of business experts to come in and work with their tenants to help them succeed. 

In short, entrepreneurs from many industries have the opportunity to pursue their dreams by working in their own private studio to build and create a space that reflects their brand and style.  SVN Desert Commercial Advisors, Nollenberger will help small business owners find their perfect “Place to Create.”