DPR Realty LLC, one of Arizona’s largest residential real estate companies, is expanding its bandwidth with the establishment of a small business leasing division. The new division headed by Jeffrey Garza Walker and Michael Moreines, focuses on helping small businesses through all aspects of leasing acquisition including how to negotiate lease agreements, determining appropriate lease length and recognizing costly lease pitfalls.

Garza Walker has had a dynamic and diverse 20-year career encompassing senior level leadership, real estate, marketing/sales and entrepreneurship. He has successfully leased hundreds of properties throughout valley. He has helped countless small business grow one company of note is Fitness One. Garza Walker is the leasing agent of record for Fitness One which grown from one location to seven locations since 2007. Their projected growth is 20 locations by 2017. In addition, he has helped build and lease multiple neighborhood shopping centers in Avondale and Laveen thereby, helping hundreds of small business thrive and grow in close-knit neighborhood settings.

Moreines has more than 31 years of business experience building and managing small, medium and large-sized businesses throughout the U.S. For the past 12 years he has turned his focus on all aspects of commercial real estate developments as it pertains to small businesses. He personally overseen the lease agreements for hundreds of small businesses and shopping centers from Cave Creek to Laveen. Michael has also spent the past 12 years working with a variety of organizations such as HOAs, churches and schools; law enforcement agencies; city councils and zoning boards and countless charitable organizations to help responsibly develop local communities while preserving their cultural identities.

“Small business is the driving force of our economy,” said Moreines. “Both Jeffrey and I want to help small businesses thrive and grow by helping them understand all aspects of leasing so the business owner gets the “most bang” for their buck. For small businesses every dollar counts and we want to make sure that from the very beginning those business have every opportunity to be successful.”