Elliot 202 breaks ground in Elliot Road Technology Corridor in Mesa

Above: Elliot 202. Real Estate | 10 May |

Marwest Enterprises, LLC, owner and developer, broke ground on Elliot 202, a new, 1,080,240-square-foot speculative industrial development along the 202 Freeway in Southeast Mesa. The planned industrial buildings are located on the freeway-fronting northeast corner of S. Hawes and Elliot Rd. and are scheduled to be completed in December this year. 

“This one-million-square-foot project, Elliot 202, is another great example of the tremendous momentum and growth that is occurring in Southeast Mesa,” said Mesa Mayor John Giles. “This is one of the fastest growing parts of the United States making it one of the best places in the country to locate a business. This new industrial complex is going to have a tremendous economic impact, not just on the City of Mesa, but on the entire state of Arizona.” 

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“The City of Mesa’s Economic Development Department is a great partner in the industry. The success of Mesa and this project couldn’t happen without the support of Bill Jabjiniak, Lori Collins and their entire team,” said James Murphy, Willmeng CEO. “We’re also thankful for our seat on yet another Marwest team. That is something we are proud of and certainly don’t take for granted.” 

Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/542312739/81a9912740

“This is about a product that we haven’t had in our marketplace for years,” said Bill Jabjiniak, City of Mesa Economic Development Director. “Manufacturers are looking for product of this scale in the Southeast Valley. Getting started on this project gives us much needed inventory that’s indicative of today’s marketplace.” 

Over the course of only two years, Marwest Enterprises has delivered 15 buildings and a total of 1.4 million-square-feet to market in this area. The first being Landing at PMG in 2019. Then in 2020, Landing 202 and Landing 3 were constructed and completed, with Landing 4 & 5 and Elliot 202 newly underway in 2021. 

“This is the largest speculative development under construction in Mesa on an industrial level,” said David Martens, Marwest Principal. “The completion of this project will continue to reposition Mesa as a City with the infrastructure to support large manufacturers and distributors who haven’t had opportunities like this in the Southeast Valley before.” 

To discuss leasing or investment opportunities, contact CBRE representatives, Kevin Cosca at 602-735-5672, Pete Wentis at 602-735-5636 or Alex Wentis at 602-735-5591. 

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