Land Advisors Resort Solutions (LARS) is brokering the sale of resort-ready, oceanfront property in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The specific parcel, known as San Jose Pacifica, envelops more than 1,200 acres and is situated just seven miles west of the popular Cabo San Lucas Marina district.

“With its views, its location and its development opportunities, San Jose Pacifica has potential that can’t really be measured,” Bill Rosengarten, LARS partner and vice president of sales, said.  “Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations, which truly raises the profile of this incredibly attractive property.”

At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, San Jose Pacifica features a one-mile stretch of uninterrupted beach frontage, ultimately meeting the Pacific Ocean on the south.  For development purposes, the property is divided into two parcels, each offering unique opportunities for future growth.

Beyond its oceanfront positioning, an 840-acre parcel comes with entitlements for three resort hotel sites, high-end amenities such as an 18-hole championship golf course, and space for more than 800 residential units.  The second, and smaller, 387-acre parcel is tucked a half-mile inland and features direct access to the region’s new toll road.

Cabo San Lucas, known for its beaches and marine life, is also near the Sea of Cortez, which comes alive during the winter as pods of whales return to the waters for birthing season.  U.S. News and World Report ranks the city as one of the top resort destinations in the country, noting its presence of luxurious resorts and ample opportunities for golf.