Neighborhood Ventures, one of the country’s largest real estate crowdfunding companies, announced today the launch of NV REIT, its first nationwide offering which provides a unique real estate investment opportunity to accredited and non-accredited, individual investors of all income levels. Previously, participation in Neighborhood Venture projects had been limited to Arizona residents.

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Raising investment capital using a crowdfunding model, Neighborhood Ventures plans to purchase a mix of developing and cash-flowing Multifamily dwellings in the Sun Belt and Mountainwest, with the intent to hold for 10 years while value rises. Shareholders benefit from monthly rents, and profits made from the sale of the properties. The NV REIT has set a target amount of $50 million based on a minimum investment of $1,000 with an expected return of 10-15% annually including cash distributions of 5-7% deposited in investor accounts monthly. Neighborhood Ventures will focus on securing Multifamily properties that the company feels are undervalued with a goal of unlocking their market potential.

“This is game-changing news for individual investors across the country,” says Neighborhood Ventures’ Co-founder and CEO, Jamison Manwaring. “With today’s launch of the NV REIT, anyone interested in investing in commercial real estate has gained an appealing low threshold for entry.”

With this type of accessibility, Neighborhood Ventures sees immense wealth-generating opportunities in the real estate crowdfunding sector for the average American. Prior to crowdfunding-law changes, there were roughly 10 million accredited investors in the U.S, now the market has opened up to about 200 million individuals who can invest in commercial real estate projects.

Co-founded in 2017 by a former Goldman Sachs tech analyst, Jamison Manwaring, and John Kobierowski, President and CEO of ABI Multifamily, the Arizona startup capitalized on the state’s then-recent legislation allowing non-accredited investors to become shareholders in Phoenix-area apartment projects. Since then, Neighborhood Ventures has purchased 13 properties and sold five of them, paying investors a 12% preferred annual return on their investments. 

The experienced team of real estate professionals at Neighborhood Ventures targets Multifamily properties in residential locations that are beginning to see early stages of investment and redevelopment. They identify mid-sized properties that are priced below market value and then apply strong property management and skilled remodelers to significantly improve the property value.

“Neighborhood Ventures has a solid track record in sourcing and developing commercial real estate properties that deliver for our investors,” said John Kobierowski, Neighborhood Ventures co-founder, and Head of Real Estate. “In a time of record inflation and volatile equity markets, our new NV REIT now gives individual investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by including commercial real estate at an affordable buy-in.”

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