Scottsdale-based Synergos acquires Austin Companies

Real Estate | 25 Sep |

Synergos, owner of a family of top residential construction trade partners, announced today the acquisition of Austin Electric Services LLC, Austin Concrete & Stone LLC and Austin HVAC LLC (Collectively referred to as “Austin Companies”), a premier Arizona residential electrical, concrete and HVAC group working with an emphasis on energy efficiency and construction innovation.

Through assembling a team of leading-class partners, overseeing project management and facilitating better builder-construction communications, Synergos aims to offer one of the most efficient residential project management processes beginning from the ground up. The goal is to tackle the problems plaguing today’s construction industry and develop new generational standards of homebuilding – beginning in Arizona.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Austin team to our family,” said Rich Gallagher, CEO of Synergos. “This partnership isn’t necessarily focused on providing builders a broader option, rather it is fully centered on bringing builders a more organized and fully connected solution. Our family of partners is specifically designed to streamline the projects from start to finish and solve their most pressing construction challenges.”

Austin Companies joins Erickson Companies, a provider of complete framing and door and trim solutions for residential and multi-family home builders, under the Synergos family brand. Businesses in the Synergos family are a part of a larger team while still operating independently — meaning leadership within each business does not change and partner-client relationships remain intact.

“We are so excited to become part of the Synergos family and work alongside Erickson Companies,” said Toby Thomas, President of Austin Companies. “This provides a solid infrastructure that will help us build on our strengths and capabilities for innovation and efficiency that we can then pass along to our customers. The team-oriented approach to homebuilding is a win-win for all involved.”

“Identifying the right partners, those equally as passionate about driving industry change, is the first in several steps toward Synergos’ long-term construction strategy. When you bring the right organizations, minds, cultures, and spirits together, the sky is the limit on what can be accomplished,” added Gallagher.

Ernst & Young Capital Advisors, LLC (EYCA) acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Synergos’ parent in connection with the transaction.

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