Westwood Professional Services, Inc. (Westwood), a national multi-disciplined professional surveying and engineering services firm, announced the addition of 11 members to its solar and wind teams.

“This strategic move strengthens and expands Westwood’s national presence in the solar and wind markets and enables the company to leverage additional and well-established expertise to provide value to its clients,” says a spokeswoman for the company. “The electrical engineering expertise of three of these new members complement Westwood’s existing solar electrical engineering team as well as enables the company to provide in-house electrical collection design services for wind projects. The remaining eight members include civil engineers, a geotechnical engineer, and design technicians. These remaining members supplement Westwood’s existing civil engineering teams and provide decades of additional solar and wind experience.”

The additions to the team consist of Drew Szabo, Nate Viste, PE; Randy Gardner, PE; Katie Penning, PE; Sam Jorgensen, PE; Josh Venden, PE; Brett Kravitz, Abhishek Kulkarni, Donnie Reyzek, Ryan Stapleton and Peter Young.