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Commercial Corner: Keeping Deals Fair, Yet Profitable

15 Jun, 2011

The Negotiating Power is Shifting with Office Leases With the economy showing positive signs of recovery, savvy business owners and…

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Bartab App Sends $1 Drinks, Encourages Social Interaction

9 Jun, 2011

What can’t we do on our cell phones nowadays? With a new application, customers are able to redeem dollar drinks…

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Beware of Blunders: Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

19 Apr, 2011

The economic downturn has left many companies struggling to retain existing business, scrambling for ways to attract new business and…

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TransPerfect’s Language Translation Services Thrive In Phoenix, Worldwide

12 Apr, 2011

As a translation company whose mission is to globally disseminate other businesses’ marketing content in any and every language, TransPerfect’s…

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Branding Defined: It’s More Than The Perception Of A Product Or Company

16 Mar, 2011

If you asked five people what branding means to them, you’re likely to get five different answers. When discussing branding,…

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Why Creating A Marketing Plan Matters

15 Feb, 2011

A lot has been said about the importance of creating a marketing plan, but the task at hand often appears…

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Studies Show That Every Dollar Invested In Tourism Returns At Least Double That Amount

11 Feb, 2011

Forests of Saguaro cacti lit by fiery red and orange sunsets, gun-toting cowboys staging shoot-outs, and the Grand Canyon’s striated…

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Arizona Launches Innovative Media Campaign To Bring Back Tourists

4 Feb, 2011

Arizona has gotten a bad rap as of late, with the added national backlash from the passage of SB 1070…

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New Year, New Business Ideas!

20 Dec, 2010

While working away on planning your New Year’s resolutions, perhaps a consideration for your personal goals is to reach out…

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5 Tips For Creating Cost-Effective Marketing Materials

19 Nov, 2010

Don’t work harder: Market smarter It’s time for that marketing brochure to be updated or to create a direct mail…

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