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Review: ‘Reminiscence’ is a grueling paradox of a movie

20 Aug

Reminiscence, ironically, takes place in the future, when society has collapsed with the climate and cities have adapted to sitting…

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Buffalo Collection will host Edward S. Curtis showing

17 Aug

Edward S. Curtis was born on February 19, 1868, on a farm near Whitewater, Wisconsin.  Curtis left school in the…

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Here are the most popular coffee drinks from around the world

11 Aug

If you’re planning to travel abroad in the coming months, experiencing different cultural traditions can be one of the most…

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Review: ‘The Suicide Squad’ sends franchise in a good direction

9 Aug

Following in the proud tradition of The Predator and The Final Destination, The Suicide Squad is a sequel-slash-reboot of an…

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Review: ‘Nine Days’ fails to enthrall

7 Aug

Nine Days, written and directed by Edson Oda, takes place in a primordial purgatory where unborn souls spend nine days…

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Review: If you’re looking for something different, ‘Annette’ is it

7 Aug

If you’re looking for something different, Annette is an avant-garde musical about a celebrity couple—renowned opera soprano Ann Defrasnoux and…

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The best things that you should know about a muslin blanket

6 Aug

Swaddling is a practice that dates nearly as far back as human history. The earliest archaeological proof of mothers swaddling…

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4 upcoming Marvel movie releases to watch in 2021

4 Aug

Before Black Widow was released on July 9, 2021, it seemed like forever between Marvel movie releases. In fact, it…

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3 ways to lower your energy bill this summer

3 Aug

Along with the high temperatures in Arizona, comes high utility costs to try to beat the heat! Even in an…

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Review: ‘Jungle Cruise’ is watchable, but not compelling

1 Aug

The first Pirates of the Caribbean was a flash in the pan, wasn’t it? That swashbuckling franchise is back in…

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