Pinterest Party: A New Type Of Girls Night

Experience Arizona | 5 Jun, 2012 |

Thanks to Pinterest’s surging popularity, women around the country are enjoying a new, exciting pastime — the Pinterest party. Pinterest party guests pool their creative juices to complete creative projects, discuss various pins from their own personal sites and much more.

For those of you sitting there scratching your heads, allow us to introduce you; Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where you can collect an unlimited number of articles or pictures you find on the Web with merely a click of a button (the “Pin It” tool). From recipes and home décor, to fashion and beauty, there is no limit to what your boards can reflect and share.

As you plot your very own Pinterest party, here are some tips to help get you started.

Ricki Uster, local owner and event designer of La Ricki Event Design in Phoenix, has arranged her own Pinterest party by roping in some of her mommy friends for a monthly gathering.

“Set a low budget for the first few projects,” Uster says. “It can be around $10 to $15 dollars to take care of all the products for the given project.”

Pinterest PartyEach party targets a project that one of the participants has long wanted to complete, from designing or decorating a home to planning a social event or a vacation.

You can utilize a social media outlet to invite people interested in joining,” Uster says.

Pinterest PartyFor first-time party throwers, simplicity is key. Keep number of guests to a minimum; you’ll find it’s easier to devote time to each guest, and avoid being overwhelmed. Create a theme that your guests can get excited about, and request they bring their own finger food creation or drink to match.

After a rotation of projects, it will be Fall, and the projects will turn to making gifts and favors for the upcoming holiday season,” Uster adds. “That will be another fantastic list of projects!”

If preparing your own food sampler for the event, stick to items you can easily serve on a skewer such as cheese, fruits or antipasto. Pinterest PartyDrinks should reflect the current season, and have fresh, refreshing ingredients.

If you’re looking for retro sippy straws or cute cupcake liners, head over to Smeeks, they have a bunch of colors and you’ll find fun candy too.” Uster says.

For your party décor and supplies, check out MichaelsJo-Ann Fabric & Craft or HomeGoods. They regularly have sales on their products and carry seasonal items great for holiday-themed crafts and projects.

While planning, try to make a detailed list of everything you want to accomplish or have happen, then be realistic about which ones you can do, and rewrite the list,” Uster adds.

Remember, when it comes to throwing a party, the most important ingredient is to ensure you’re enjoying yourself every step of the way — planning, styling and hosting. Stay fully engaged, upbeat and happy; your guests will follow suit.

For more information about how you can throw your own Pinterest party,

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