ICON at Silverleaf, the premier new construction project, continues to make waves in the luxury real estate market.

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In a groundbreaking achievement, ICON at Silverleaf has set a new standard for luxury condo sales in Arizona. To date, only 66 condos statewide have ever surpassed the $3 million mark. Remarkably, Silverleaf Realty, the driving force behind the development, has claimed the top five spots with sales ranging from $6.9 million to an astounding $8.35 million.

During the scorching summer months, when the Valley experienced record-breaking temperatures, Silverleaf Realty demonstrated unparalleled success by closing eight units, totaling an impressive $23.74 million in real estate transactions. This accomplishment is a testament to the demand for the unparalleled quality and luxury that ICON at Silverleaf offers and Silverleaf Realty is known for.

Notably, Silverleaf Realty achieved the majority of ICON at Silverleaf sales in under two years, proving  the development’s allure and desirability among discerning buyers. With only five units remaining in the current phase, including the exclusive five-bedroom condo, now is the time for buyers to secure their place in the last condominium or single family residential project that will be inside the gates of the distinguished Silverleaf community.

One of the most special features of ICON at Silverleaf is its rooftop pool penthouses, a unique offering in the Valley’s real estate landscape. This exclusive feature elevates the luxury living experience, providing penthouse owners with a private oasis overlooking the breathtaking McDowell Mountains.

Silverleaf Realty is set to release the final building in the ICON at Silverleaf development this month.  Contact Silverleaf Realty to be placed on the interest list and be the first to hear of the release date.