Kristie Jones, formerly assistant to GPE Companies’ president, has been named director of operations. In the new role, Jones will oversee corporate processes and procedures, ensuring GPE continues running smoothly.

Jones began working at GPE Companies five years ago as a temporary receptionist and quickly made a name for herself as an efficient, capable professional.

“From my first day at GPE, every time I was given a new task, I wanted to learn it as well as I could, as fast as I could,” Jones said. “I’ve always had the company’s best interests at heart. By making each task more efficient, they were always giving me more things to do.”

Over the years, Jones’ job responsibilities grew while her title stayed the same. GPE’s growth necessitated the creation of this new position and Jones was the obvious choice.

“GPE believes in cultivating our talent and promoting from within,” said President David M. Genovese. “Kristie has grown professionally as we’ve grown as a company, and we’re happy that she accepted the new position and all the responsibility it demands.”

Jones has an extensive background in customer service-related work, along with a degree in the interdisciplinary studies of business and biology.

“In this job, it will help me to make sure that as a company, we’re very customer focused, and not just for the external customers — the tenants, the clients — but also internal in that everybody works well together and takes care of each other,” Jones said.

The move will also free Genovese to focus more on top-level, strategic thinking while Jones shepherds the company and its 40-plus staff members through the day-to-day rigors.