True Harvest has become Arizona’s largest indoor cannabis grower thanks to its adaptive reuse of the long-shuttered Revlon plant located in southwest Phoenix. 

In the late 1960s, Revlon built the cosmetics and fragrance manufacturing plant from the ground-up and employed more than 900 people. After suffering major stock downturns, Revlon closed the plant in 2001. For more than 14 years, the 888,000 square foot behemoth sat empty until True Harvest moved in however, it took some time. Working with two city inspectors assigned to the Revlon (and grandfathered in the original build) plant, the process from idea to grow began.

“After extensive research, site inspections and countless hours of due diligence, it became clear that Revlon’s abandoned plant was the perfect location for our in-door cannabis grow,” said Caleb Miller, managing partner, True Harvest. “Power and clean water are the crucial components for indoor growing of cannabis.  Revlon’s 180,000 gallon per day water purifying system, state-of-the art A/C units, custom lights that emulate the sun, in a clean-room environment means we consistently harvest the highest quality cannabis all year long. We are committed to becoming the gold standard of cannabis cultivation in the United States.”

At True Harvest, with their adaptive use of the Revlon plant, they will be harvesting 1000 pounds of the highest quality cannabis, a month.

Harvests of this quality and quantity can only be achieved in the right environment.

True Harvest utilizes only organic materials for their indoor cannabis grow. With its state-of-the-art A/C units delivering consistent temperature and airflow there is less chance for mold and mildew; the death knell of cannabis. After construction is completed, True Harvest will have with eight clean rooms with “grow teams” assigned to each room, smart camera technology that can identify viruses that can potentially damage

plants and have best practices ISO standards and protocols in place to ensure every plant is monitored from “birth” to harvest.

Currently, more than15,000 square feet is in use for cannabis production. By early first quarter of 2018, an additional 50,000 will be completed. By summer 2018, another 100,000 square feet of cannabis grow will be underway. Their current roster of 30 employees will more than triple by end of first quarter 2018.

“The cannabis industry is in its infancy stages in the state of Arizona,” Miller. “We are grateful to the city planners, city inspectors and the Arizona Department of Health Services who have helped us ‘grow’ along the way. The adaptive reuse of this plant allows us create jobs, create opportunities and, most importantly, grow the highest quality medical marijuana possible to help patients in need.”

Since the passing of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) in 2010, the number of card holding patients has increased to more than 120,000. The rise in patient numbers has created a demand for quality cultivation efforts within the state. However, many patients are unaware of the challenges that can impact the quality of what they purchase. With their use of organic materials, clean room controlled environments and their new systematic approach to cannabis growing, True Harvest is the future of cannabis growing…now.

True Harvest is located at 4301 W. Buckeye Rd. in Phoenix. For more information, visit them on the web at