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Politics or Economics?

Within the last few years we’ve experience a major cross over between politics and economics. Is this a good or a bad thing? Many economists believe that more political intervention can negatively affect the natural growth of the economy. While others believe that the U.S. could not have survived the 2008 “great recession” without the… Read More →

Do You Have An Investment Style?

Investment Style

Many investors rely on their expertise, or their advisors’ expertise, to develop and follow an investment style. These styles are important and can help provide direction and assist in making investment decisions. Investment styles are developed based on many factors, including age, gender, income, family, wealth, tax situation and previous investment experience. These factors play… Read More →

Time Value Of Money And Planning

value of money

Understanding the general concept of the time value of money can help consumers plan appropriately for future needs and today’s wants. This concept applies to how a consumer may save, invest and make decisions on lending needs. Many of us are familiar with the idea that the earlier one starts saving the more he or… Read More →

Cash Flow Management: Creating A Budget To Reach Financial Success

Create a Budget

Tracking of cash flow dates back more than 3,000 years. Before currency existed, people would use cattle, grains, silver or other items of value as trade. These transactions, tracked on tablets or sometimes counting tokens, were used as a tool to track financial dealings. This tells us that managing trade or cash flow has been… Read More →

Investment Products: Which Is Best For Me?

Investment Products
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Investment Products: Which Is Best For Me? The financial industry continues to develop innovative products and improve services. As consumers we can feel overwhelmed when faced with choosing a product for our needs. There are many products for different needs, and when faced with choosing one, it can be difficult. Investors have many choices and… Read More →

Estate Planning: Planning For The Future

Estate Planning: Planning Your Future
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Estate Planning: Planning for the Future When planning your financial future, it is important to consider an investment strategy, risk tolerance and time horizon. These are critical aspects of building wealth. Although many of us focus on the now, we forget about organizing our finances and personal interests upon our passing. This aspect of planning… Read More →

Key Elements To Retirement Planning

Key Elements to Retirement Planning

There are countless books, articles, and videos that discuss how to plan for your retirement — many of which can be found at universities, books written by financial gurus, business owners, institutions and professionals in the industry. If one were to Google retirement planning, there would be tons of information, multiple websites, retirement calculators and… Read More →

Choosing Retirement Plans for Business

choosing retirement plans, arizona business owners

Choosing retirement plans for business owners: Today, business owners are a critical piece for the growth of our economy. They will continue to provide new innovations and venture out to other countries improving competitiveness in our global markets. New businesses have become the backbone of our U.S growth. For this reason it is important to… Read More →