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Tummy Tucks Tips: What You Need To Know

Tummy Tucks Tips - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Thinking about getting a tummy tuck? Here’s what you need to know about tummy tucks as well as some tummy tucks tips. What happens during tummy tuck surgery? Step 1 – Anesthesia The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you. Step 2 – The incision A… Read More →

The Skinny On Tummy Tucks

Tummy Tucks Surgery - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

With three different procedures available, local surgeons discuss everything you need to know about tummy tucks Post-pregnancy mommies and extreme weight loss patients love it when they reach their goal weight because it’s the moment when they realize that all their hard work paid off. Their goal has been realized. What they don’t love, though,… Read More →

Trending: New Products From Thingz And Think Art

Trending Products from Thingz, Think Art - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Finding Nimah   Want a chandelier that brings a little sparkle into your life? If you’re looking for an elegant chandelier with a modern look and feel, the Nimah is the perfect choice. A perfect blend of style and sophistication, the Nimah offers brilliantly lucid jewels that are encased with chrome circles, and dangle with… Read More →

Solar Concepts’ Solatube Reduces Home Energy Use

Solatube - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Solar Concepts’ Solatube reduces home energy use and your electricity bill For those looking to help save energy and preserve our environment, the switch to natural lighting systems is a bright idea. Current trends show more people are switching from light bulbs to natural lighting, with one popular product being tubular skylights. They offer bright,… Read More →

Avoid Weight Gain With Scottsdale Weight Loss Center Tips

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center’s Dr. Rob Ziltzer Dishes Out Some Weight Loss Tips The holidays are the time to connect with family and friends, which means more parties, more food, late-night shopping and a lot less sleep. After the festivities are over, you open your closet to find that all of your clothing has magically… Read More →

Club SAR, Mountainside Fitness Instructors Discuss Benefits Of Boxing

Club SAR, Benefits of Boxing - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Club SAR, Mountainside Fitness Discuss Benefits Of Boxing Road rage, workplace stress and a slow recovering economy are fueling hooks and uppercuts at boxing gyms across Scottsdale. Men and women of all ages are lacing up their gloves and reaping the sport’s payoffs in mental and physical health. With a one-hour class burning approximately 400… Read More →