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Is Ashley Gleckler the most powerful attorney in Arizona?

Polsinelli Associate Ashley Gleckler qualified for the United States Powerlifting Association’s (USPA) National competition and the International Powerlifting League’s World’s competition at the recent USPA Imperial Valley Open in California.  The 5’5” Gleckler successfully squatted 319.7 pounds (1.96 times bodyweight) and deadlifted 380.1 pounds (2.33 times bodyweight), for a total of 832.2 pounds, including her… Read More →

Pilates Isn't Just For Women: Breaking Gender-Specific Workouts

by in Shape

There are no women’s and men’s workouts. There’s the body you want and the body you need. You want six-pack abs. You need a strong core. There are the exercises you like to do and the exercises you need to do. You like to do biceps curls. You need to do some squats. It’s easy… Read More →