Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management has hired four new managers.

Pat Lynch, Caretaker Landscape
Pat Lynch, Caretaker Landscape

Pat Lynch, Senior Account Manager
Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management has promoted Pat Lynch to Senior Account Manager.  Lynch is a Certified Desert Landscape Professional (CDLP), Arizona Certified Landscape Professional (ACLP) and Arizona Certified Pesticide Applicator (ACPA).  Lynch joined Caretaker more than nine years ago and manages the landscape maintenance at several large master planned communities.  He has more than 27 years’ experience in horticulture practices.  Lynch has managed most of his accounts since the day he started.  Under his management, Rancho Del Rey Master HOA and Willis Ranch HOA both won ALCA Awards.

Bridget Donovan, Account Manager • ANA, SLM
Bridget Donovan received her Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Colorado State University.  She obtained her certification in Sustainable Landscape Management from Arizona Landscape Contractor (ALCA).
She worked at the Denver Botanic Gardens and a residential/commercial landscape company before moving to Phoenix in 2001.  She has worked on sports fields, in nurseries, irrigation, landscape construction, maintenance and in administration managing all customer service and billing operations.  Altogether, Donovan has more than 18 years’ experience in the landscape industry.

Samantha Root, Commercial Business Development Manager
Sam Root has more than eight years’ experience in the commercial real estate realm and is highly passionate about the commercial business.  The relationships she has cultivated throughout her experience is what she is most excited to bring forth.  She will be developing and fostering partnerships within the Commercial Real Estate Management segment.  Root is the primary member for Building Owners Managers Association (BOMA) and Institute of Real Estate Managers (IREM).  She believes in not only creating and implementing, but offering a program that works for each of her client’s needs.  In addition, educating them as to why she has brought forth the solution she has.  This has allowed her to differentiate herself and has given her a true passion for what she does.  Root believes this is not just an individual’s task, but an entire team.  This was her primary reason for joining the Caretaker team; support and passion for client needs.  She strives to be as active throughout the community through philanthropic efforts as well.

Mandy Reed, Caretaker Landscape
Mandy Reed, Caretaker Landscape

Mandy Reed, Business Development Manager
Mandy Reed brings more than 14 years’ of combined business development experience in the residential and commercial real estate markets and the construction industry.  She’s also a professional photographer.  Reed’s ability to build strong relationships with clients based on integrity and results has allowed her to accomplish many achievements during her professional career.  As the primary member for Cactus & Pine Golf Course Superintendents Association and Valley Hotels & Resorts Association.