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Arizona State Parks hires new operations chief

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Arizona State Parks officials have announced the hiring of a new chief of operations. Jay Ream, deputy director of parks and development, says Kelly Moffitt will start in his new position on Aug. 16. Moffitt previously served as the state parks Region II manager. He will now oversee the agency’s operations division, including 30 state… Read More →

Democratic Process, Both Frustrating And Rewarding

Democratic Process And AZ Parks

Talk about good news/bad news and all in a single day – that’s the democratic process in action for better or worse! As an advocate for Arizona State Parks, I was disappointed that Gov. Brewer vetoed House Bill 2362 introduced by Rep. Karen Fann. Her bill would have protected earned income by state parks, such… Read More →

Have An Underground Adventure At Kartchner Caverns

Kartchner Caverns
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Arizona is home to many unique natural landmarks, including the Kartchner Caverns. Discovered in 1974, the Kartchner Caverns are carved out of limestone and contain 50,000-year-old cave formations. The park offers two different cave tours that will take you underground, giving you a first-hand view of the caverns’ fascinating minerals and formations, making Kartchner Caverns… Read More →

Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

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Located in Flagstaff lies the impressive Riordan Mansion State Historic Park, which was once home to two of the community’s most prominent businessmen while Arizona was still considered a territory. The mansion was built to house two Riordan families and was made in 1904, when the town of Flagstaff was just starting to blossom. Riordan… Read More →

Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park, Photo: Teofilo, Flickr
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Located a mile north of Winslow lies Homolovi State Park, “Ancestral Hopi Villages.” The park preserves over 300 archeological pueblo sites, mainly built by the ancestors of the Hopi tribe. Located along the banks of the Little Colorado River, the villages housed these ancestors from approximately 1260 to 1400 A.D. Originally opened as a state… Read More →