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Chateau on Central Closes $5.8M Sale

Chateau on Central recently completed the sale of its spacious “double mansion” which sold for $5.853 million. The 11,437 square-foot private residence features a three-story indoor waterfall and combines two of Chateau’s signature five-story brick and masonry brownstones into a single home. The custom residence was designed by Est Est Inc. and completed by A Finer Touch Construction. The sale is a historic milestone in the City of Phoenix as it represents the highest residential sale in the downtown area.

Chateau on Central consists of 21 residences and offers luxury urban living in the heart of Phoenix with customizable floor plans and a metropolitan vertical-living experience. The housing industry has seen an increased demand for this type of “limited edition” urban housing as a growing segment of affluent millennials and baby boomers seek luxury housing with the convenience of metropolitan life. Chateau’s centralized location, and position near the light rail, allows for easy access to downtown’s event, dining, arts, and cultural destinations.

“Chateau on Central offers a unique opportunity for downtown Phoenix residents to enjoy upscale city living, much like that commonly found in New York or Boston,” said Nakia Clark, MSI West Investments LLC, developer of Chateau on Central. “We offer our residents top-notch luxury amenities and fully customizable floor plans to meet each family’s individual needs.”

The Phoenix metropolitan area is the eighth largest growing city in the United States and its downtown area is a hub of activity. Chateau on Central offers the only luxury residences in the area and boasts unique-to-Phoenix amenities such as live-work zoning. Each brownstone is zoned to house small business, work-from-home offices or light retail in the lower levels with living space directly above. Chateau on Central residences offer unparalleled opportunities to the Valley’s upscale, busy professional.

“Chateau on Central is the elite urban living community for those seeking a luxury lifestyle in Downtown Phoenix,” said Monica Monson of Monson Luxury Group, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty who currently represents Chateau on Central. “The significance of this sale proves that affluent homeowners have confidence to invest in Chateau and believe in the progress of Downtown Phoenix’s revitalization. We are truly excited about the current momentum and look forward to what the future holds for Chateau.”

Each brownstone comes equipped with a private elevator providing easy access to all five levels and boasts a rooftop patio and standard two-car garage.  For more information about Chateau on Central, visit chateauoncentral.com.


Innovative CEO Martz offers advice on being an effective boss

Today is National Boss Day, so it’s the perfect time to get a business owner’s view on what it takes to be a successful and effective boss.

Carrie Martz founded the Martz Agency — the largest female-owned advertising and public relations firm in Arizona — in 1980 after spending a couple of years in the corporate world. Her client roster includes Chateau on Central, Pacific Links International, Mirabel, Yurbuds and dozens more.

Martz is known as a hands-on owner/CEO, a leader, an innovator, and a philanthropist whose Home of Miracles program has helped raise more than $8 million for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and other local charities. So, to celebrate National Boss Day, Az Business magazine asked one of the Valley’s most effective leaders to talk a little bit about being a great boss.

Az Business: What do you think your employees say about your management style behind your back?
Carrie Martz: I would imagine they would say the same to my face.  I am tough but fair and have a good memory for details.

AB: What qualities do you think an effective boss needs to have?
CM: Be upbeat, optimistic, set the tone for the business, be as transparent as you can. Never stop learning and always listen.

AB: Was there a significant lesson you learned early in your career that made you a more effective boss?  
CM: Don’t get too personally involved. Remember this is a business. It isn’t personal. If someone isn’t working out, help them find a better fit.

AB: How is being a boss in a creative industry different from being a boss in a more traditional business?
CM: You have to foster creativity and individualism.  A few more egos to manage and work with, but that comes with the territory. Plus, we must create a working environment that is fun and engaging.

AB: If you could give one piece of advice to women who aspire to be a boss like you, what would it be?
CM: Give up balance in life. You will never be everything to everyone all the time.  Just go for every opportunity you can with all you have. Make sure you have great back up in all aspects of your life.

To learn more about Martz Agency, visit http://www.martzagency.com/.