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Startup Hubs - Infographic Featured

Surprising Startup Hubs Across the U.S.

Typically, when people hear the word “startup” they envision the hi-tech hub of Silicon Valley. However, there are many surprising regions across the U.S. that are experiencing a boom in entrepreneurial growth and expansion. Venture 51, a seed-and early-stage fund built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs based in Phoenix, put together this infographic that takes a look at where startups are flourishing and where they are fizzling.

Have you noticed entrepreneurial expansion in your state?

Startup Hubs - Infographic

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Infographic Credits, courtesy of Venture 51:

Source: Venture 51
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Small Businesses

How Small Businesses Are (Mis)Using Social Media

It’s no mystery that social media has become an important tool in marketing for small businesses. In fact, building brand awareness on Facebook has become the most popular, with nine million small businesses utilizing the platform today. However, many of these businesses aren’t taking full advantage of its potential.

This infographic, from Intuit, illustrates how small businesses can better leverage their social media efforts to create new opportunities and reach more customers.

Does your company use Facebook to its full potential?

How small businesses use social media - infographic
via: Intuit Websites

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Infographic Credits, courtesy of Intuit:

Source: Intuit
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Promotion Secrets

Getting a promotion is a cornerstone in anyone’s career that symbolizes career development, and usually a fatter paycheck. However, promotions have a long-time reputation of mystery in timing and explanation. How do managers and executives really decide who gets the corner office, and who gets left behind?

Have you ever suspected favoritism to play a role in a promotion?

Crisp360 Career Development

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Infographic Credits, courtesy of Crisp360:

Source: Crisp360
Designed by: Column Five Media


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Startups

Social media is a continuous topic of curiosity for small and large businesses alike. For startups, social media can help get the initial word out, create a buzz around a new product or service, and reach a diverse demographic. This infographic, by Udemy, examines how startups can leverage social media efforts as a tool to grow business.

Just starting out? How have you used social media to leverage your startup, and what results have you seen so far?

social media marketing infographic
Source: Udemy Blog

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Infographic Credits, courtesy of Udemy:

Source: Udemy
Designed by: Column Five Media


Fall Buying - Infographic courtesy of Visual.ly

Fall Buying: What Do You Purchase?

Fall Buying: What do you purchase?

From back-to-school shopping to pre-holiday shopping, the fall buying season is booming for retailers. This infographic, from Milo, explains which retail products see the biggest profit in seasonal fall buying, along with which retail products see a profit in the summer or winter.

What do you find yourself splurging on during the fall buying season? And why do you make the purchase? Is it for holiday gifts or for the unbeatable sales?

Fall Buying

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What Are People Buying In Fall? Infographic Credits, courtesy of Visual.ly:

Source: Visual.ly
Published by: Milo
Designed by: Column Five Media