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WestWorld, WEB

5 Facts About WestWorld’s Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center

WestWorld’s Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center (16601 N. Pima Rd.) in Scottsdale is a 310KSF exhibition space completed Dec. 23, 2013. WestWorld hosts exhibits year-round, from the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction to the Arabian Horse Show and AZ Big Media’s Scottsdale Home & Garden Show. The equestrian center recently received an honorable mention at the AZRE RED Awards for its economic impact on Arizona.

Here are five facts about the project:

•    Though general contractor Howard S. Wright, a Balfour Beatty Company, wasn’t required to employ sustainability measures on the project, it still diverted 476 tons of recyclable materials from landfills.
⁃    28 tons of wood
⁃    135 tons of steel
⁃    302 tons of concrete
⁃    11 tons of cardboard
•    Howard S. Wright milled and reused all of the demolished asphalt from work areas as a sub grade material for the new parking lot.
•    The Equestrian Center was completed in two phases, the latter of which encompassed a 134KSF North Hall. The hall is a column-free space designed by Populous Inc. that is cooled and can run separately from the rest of the center and accommodate additional tents, when necessary.
•    The installation of six 280-foot steel double trusses for the North Hall required the use of one of the biggest cranes in Arizona. (Each truss weighs 190,000 pounds.)
•    WestWorld remained open during the construction of the new space, even during its “busy season.”

See a video of its construction here.


RED AWARDS 2014: Merit for Economic Development

On Feb. 26, AZRE hosted the 9th Annual RED Awards reception at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix to recognize the most notable commercial real estate projects of 2013 and the construction teams involved. AZRE held an open call for nominations and more than 100 projects were submitted by architects, contractors, developers and brokerage firms in Arizona. Click here to view all 2014 RED Awards Winners.‎

WestWorld Tony Nelssen 
Equestrian Center
Developer: City of Scottsdale
Contractor: Howard S. Wright, A Balfour Beatty Company
Architect: Populous Architects
Size: 310,000 SF
Location: 16601 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale
Completed: Dec. 23, 2013

WestWorld_HSWBBC (4)Arizona tends to deal with hot weather at least eight months out of the year, during which many of us prefer to stay inside if we can help it. (That’s roughly 240 days, by the way.) The winner of this year’s RED Award for Economic Development hosts at least 247 days of horse shows, not to mention car shows. To meet a growing demand for climate-controlled exhibition space that could be used even in the hottest months, WestWorld developed this $42.8M project, which also used the largest crane in Arizona to erect multiple 190,000-pound steel trusses.

Honorable Mention:
APS Hyder II Solar Plant
Developer: APS
General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies
Engineer: Taylor RyMar

APS Hyder II, WEBBuilt on abandoned farm land, this solar power plant provides 15 megawatts of renewable power that could service approximately 3,700 homes. The plant’s 71,000 modules have an automated single-axis tracking system that allows these modules to follow the sun. It has also added value for adjacent landowners and brought jobs to the community.

RED Awards banner

Most Challenging Project 2011

Soleri Bridge and Plaza

Most Challenging Project 2011: Soleri Bridge

Developer: City of Scottsdale
Howard S. Wright
Douglas Architecture and Planning
Bridge with 22,000 SF plaza
Location: Camelback and Scottsdale roads, Scottsdale
Completed: December 2010

The Soleri Bridge and Plaza is more than just another construction project. It is a signature piece of art built by a construction team (Howard S. Wright), incorporating the vision of the artist/architect, Paolo Soleri. The project has a number of special features that required the combination of standard construction techniques and artist’s touches to produce such items as drip walls, pre-cast panels, and stainless steel pylons. The pedestrian-only bridge provides a scenic viewpoint over the 60-foot wide water conveyance channel and includes a 22,000 SF plaza. Although HSW was not required to employ sustainability measures on the project, all steel and metal excess and scrap was separated and delivered to a local salvage yard for recycling; as was all demolished concrete.

Honorable Mention: Maricopa County Security Building

Honorable Mention: Maricopa County Security Building, SmithGroup

Roof Repair/Renovation

Developer: Maricopa County
Contractor: The Weitz Company
Architect: SmithGroup
Size: 1,350 SF
Location: 401 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix
Completed: September 2010