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Why you should be cleaning your air conditioning

Air conditioning
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Sneezing? Runny nose? Watery eyes? If you’re one of countless Phoenicians dealing with seasonal allergies, we need to chat about the air inside your home. Yes, being outside can exacerbate symptoms brought on by high pollen levels, but did you know that the air inside your home plays a big role too? Neglecting to clean… Read More →

3 ways to identify your home’s hidden defects

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Homeowners want to know if they have a potential trouble source hidden in their home. Unless they are a contractor, homeowners don’t know what to look for to identify hidden threats within their home. Below are three ways to inspect your home to identify some of the most common issues, before they result in thousands… Read More →

Climatec’s HVAC goes to market under a new name

Climatec’s HVAC solutions business announced it will now go to market as Varitec Solutions. The move is a result of Bosch GmbH’s acquisition of Climatec’s Building Technology Group earlier this year. As Daikin Applied’s equipment sales representative in the Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas regions, Varitec is positioned for growth in the region and will help move Daikin one step closer to its goal of becoming the number one applied HVAC leader in North America. President and CEO Jack Kucera says the new name is a nod to the single most transformative technology he’s seen in nearly four decades. “As I looked at our business I saw more and more areas where ‘vari’ and ‘tec’ apply to so manyaspects of the solutions we bring to customers. Specifically, variable frequency drives, variable flow with both air and water, variable speed compressors, variable dimensioning, and more recently Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) have reshaped the industry and created opportunities for building owners and Daikin representatives,” he said. “The combined presence of ‘variable’ and advanced ‘technology’ in the HVAC business aligns with our focus and direction going forward. “We’re excited to open this next chapter of our company’s story,”… Read More →

TemperaturePro expands into the Valley

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TemperaturePro, a customer-oriented and industry leading heating and cooling business offering a full range of HVAC services at competitive rates – has expanded operations to the Northwest Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. TemperaturePro located in the “Valley of the Sun” provides their customers with fast, professional services at competitive rates. TemperaturePro is also committed to educating… Read More →

Q&A with CoreNet Global Arizona’s Bob Gracz

What are the trends CoreNet Global Arizona is watching? The working world has changed dramatically. And, as the way we work continues to evolve, the “where we work” is keeping pace right along with it. A corporate real estate executive leads the team responsible for not only locating the right facilities to meet the demands… Read More →

The Unified Group Membership Melds Businesses Cross-Country

Interstate Mechanical (IMCOR) was sandblasting a cooling tower for a client of Chicago-based company Air Comfort when IMCOR employee Jeremy Ettesvold realized the metal was in worse shape than it looked from the outside. He contacted Air Comfort, sent a revised proposal with a change order and then rerouted a few IMCOR employees to pull… Read More →

The Awning of an Era

In 1973, beneath a metal awning in a Phoenix backyard, a 31-year-old sheet metal worker with less than a decade of experience established what would become a multi-million-dollar company. Merle “Rick” Karber Jr. was working for HAPCO A/C at the Metro Center complex when he decided to try and make a living on his own as… Read More →

Cut Energy Costs With Energy Star Program, Other Upgrades

Cut Energy Cost With Energy Star Program, Other Upgrades
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In an economy where every dollar counts, mortgage payments are not the only major bills on the minds of homeowners. Utility expenses also take a painful bite out of the household budget. For now, the solution to cutting energy cost is right inside the home. The Energy Star program, created in 1992 by the Environmental… Read More →

City Of Phoenix Makes Changes To Commercial Loan Program

Energize Phoenix - Commercial Loan

Energize Phoenix, an energy efficiency upgrades and savings program, announces that businesses participating in the commercial loan program are now eligible to receive additional rebates from the commercial rebate program. The program rebate cap for businesses that secure an Energize Phoenix commercial loan has been increased from $200,000 to $500,000. The rebate cap remains $200,000… Read More →