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Web can be a blessing and a curse for health advice

Nursing Shortage Still Plagues Arizona’s Health Care Industry
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Admit it. You’ve had an ache or pain or a sniffle or stiffness and Googled your symptoms to figure out what was wrong. We’ve all done it. While WebMD may be the quickest way to find and answer, it may not be the healthiest. “The danger is that many different diseases have similar symptoms and… Read More →

John C. Lincoln Health Network Names 2012 Physicians Of The Year

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A physician from each of John C. Lincoln’s two hospital medical staffs and one from the Network’s physician medical practices have been honored for Distinguished Medical Service and named the Health Network’s three “Physicians of the Year” for 2012. They are John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center medical director Linda Greer, MD, representing… Read More →