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Leslee Alexander Gibbs, founder of TRUmatch

Valley’s TRUMatch offers ‘Love MBA’ for singles

From being too busy to date to having countless dates with no chemistry, finding that special someone is not an easy task. Leslee Alexander Gibbs, founder of TRUmatch, believes she has developed a solution to dating fallacies with her TRUmatch program.

When Gibbs opened her promotional modeling agency, Event-pros, more than 20 years ago, she did not expect her career path would involve helping people find love. Event-pros did involve matching model personalities with clients for promotional events. It was when her own love life failed as her business found success that she decided to immerse herself in education. She started a workshop program to help educate women on how to become better daters, how to connect with men on different levels and how to go the distance.

“The next logical step with my expertise and success with the modeling agency was to try my hand in match making,” says Gibbs. She began applying the matching talent she used with corporations and applied it to matching singles.

The TRUmatch process, according to Gibbs, differentiated itself from other matchmaking programs and online dating sites; the process uncovers the truth about why and what prohibits a person from finding love. To help people get started, TRUmatch offers a free discovery session that is designed to help people discover what is blocking them from finding true love.
“Everyone leaves with a roadmap and a strict path where to go,” says Gibbs. The session involves an exercise that goes over past relationships, a person’s current status, and a plan for the future.

The TRUmatch process begins with an in-person assessment of wants, needs and desires. TRUmatch uses a proprietary database that is “able to compare profiles with similar areas where people connect and have things in common,” says Gibbs. The system narrows down the options and puts them in a shopping cart-like mechanism. Then, the TRUmatch specialists go through the cart and matches a person with an eligible single in the database. They make the decision based on personal knowledge of the client and other criteria. When talking about the matchmaking process, Gibbs says “we use online program, but it is not a online program; we do all the work for them.” A person’s profile never goes public and neither does the system of singles.
Gibbs stresses the importance of personal awareness.

“It first starts with you,” she says, but the problem is “when it comes to love, how do we know what works and what does not work?”

To answer this question, Gibbs developed the “Love MBA” program. The goal of this program is for a person to become “masters” of their own love life. The program teaches the differences between male and female roles, the way the other sex thinks, and how to create attraction.

TRUmatch prides itself on its success rate; Gibbs claims the program has about a 92 percent success rate. Gibbs attributes this success rate to TRUmatch’s unique program.

“What makes relationships long-term is core values,” says Gibbs. This is the main criteria used in matching. Because of the complex coaching and workshops programs, Gibbs says TRUmacth’s clients trust the company’s judgment. Additionally, TRUmatch stays connected to the clients and walks them through the process of dating.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, but all other matchmaking delivers the same thing; we deliver a plan,” Gibbs says.

This private, secure, and boutique matchmaking service is making dating a little bit easier in the Valley.


Valley Singles Can Win a Free Liquid Facelift

Would looking up to 10 years younger help you in a dating scene and make you more appealing to that special someone? Body Beautiful Day & Med Spa and TRUmatch are looking for Valley singles who feel that sprucing up their appearance will increase confidence and help people feel their best. The two organizations are partnering on a contest now through Monday, March 31. Contest entrants need to tell their story in 250 words or less for a chance to win a BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® liquid facelift valued at up to $1,300. The entry form is available at www.liquidfaceliftcontest.com.

“We hear from numerous clients about how they felt more confident after their procedures, especially when going on dates,” said Marlena Kruger, Executive Director at Body Beautiful Spa. “This contest will help one lucky individual move forward in his or her search for love with a fresh and more youthful appearance. We’re excited to partner with TRUmatch on this contest.”

“At TRUmatch we don’t just set people up, we set them up for success. That’s why we loved Body Beautiful Spa’s idea for a liquid facelift contest, since it can help give the winner more confidence in dating situations,” said Leslee Alexander Gibbs, Founder and Relationship Expert at TRUmatch.

Entries for the liquid facelift contest are being accepted at www.liquidfaceliftcontest.com now through Monday, March 31. Participants need to provide their name, contact information, birth year and photo, plus write in 250 words or less how looking 10 years younger would change their life. A winner will be selected and notified the week of April 7.