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Photo by Shavon Thompson

How to ‘sweat pretty’ with Scottsdale 16’s Grace Koval

In the unforgiving Arizona summer heat, it is all about sweating pretty. Grace Koval, member of the Scottsdale 16, a part of Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations, shared some of her summer beauty secrets, tips and techniques to beat the summer heat. The Scottsdale 16 is a group of young, beautiful women in Arizona who are booked for a variety of events across the Valley, including corporate parties, special events and modeling for promotional or runway shows. Koval is no stranger to the importance of always looking good regardless of the scorching temperatures.

Your skin is your first impression and keeping it looking good during the summer months, which puts extra stress on your skin, is a must. It almost seems too simple but staying hydrated in the summer can go a long way when it comes skin beauty.

Grace Koval

Grace Koval

“I noticed a huge difference in my skin with acne, spots and just overall complexion with just water alone,” said Koval.

To keep her looking its best at all times in the summer Koval applies Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask a few times a week to replenish the hydration her skin loses.

It may seem cliché, but Koval named sunscreen her essential summer beauty product.

“Even with olive skin, I apply sunscreen when going to the pool because I want my skin to look great even when I’m much older,” stated Koval.

She recommends L’Oreal’s Sublime Sun SPF 50, which goes on clear and makes you skin glow all day. Another way to get that must needed SPF is with moisturizer that included SPF in it; Koval uses Aveeno Positively Radiant every morning and night to get that added hydration and softness.

It also is “very crucial to have a chap stick around you at all times,” said Koval.

Summer beauty is all about having that sun kissed skin but, as easy as it can be to tan in an Arizona summer, it can be just easy to lose it.

“It’s very basic, if you want to keep your tan you have to moisturize your skin,” Koval said.

With tanning and being out in the sun skin damage is something you always have to lookout for. Koval recommends Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, a prescription-strength serum, to improve sun dark spots.

“I am on my second bottle,” she added.

Even with radiant healthy skin, looking your best is not easy in the heat because makeup can melt right off your face. To make sweating look good and keep long lasting makeup Koval applies Dior Glow Maximizer light boosting primer. Koval is a huge promoter of primer: “You can wear it alone, under foundation or even mix it with a CC cream for an all-day glow.”

Summer makeup is all about keeping it light for Koval.

“I try not to have my makeup to heavy in the summer, so a great lip is a must,” she said.

She is loving BITE’s high pigment pencil in rhubarb, it’s moisturizing, goes on light, and leaves a great natural looking lip. Summer beauty is about keeping everything looking good in the heat and sun by talking care of your skin and using products like primer, sweating this summer has never look better.

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4 Tips to Avoid Summer Makeup Meltdowns

Just in time for the Valley’s first heat wave and for a special event at UNION next weekend arrives Citrine Natural Beauty Bar owner Melissa Lenberg’s summer makeup meltdown lifesavers. Prepping for Citrine’s Get Glowing For Summer Event from 12 – 6 p.m. June 1 (which will aptly be followed by Mimoasas, Makeovers, and Manicures  from 6 – 8!), Melissa’s tips are easy, quick and ESSENTIAL for combating our summer’s famously dry, unforgiving weather conditions.

Melissa’s Top Tips to Avoid Makeup Meltdowns:

suntan lotionProtect Your Skin: Unless you want your skin to tan darker throughout the day, be sure to wear skincare products that contain SPF, which will protect your skin from the desert’s harsh sun.

Cool Off Your Body: Makeup applied right after a shower will absorb into skin and make you break out. If you’re hot and sweaty post-shower, allow your body 10 minutes to cool down before applying makeup.

Get Primed: No matter what the season or temperature, a good makeup primer is a real lifesaver. It keeps on your makeup day to night, reduces lines168738395 and pores and some like the REN product have added benefits of SPF protection, moisturizer and toner to keep your skin glowing naturally.
Make It Mineral: A mineral foundation is ideal for Arizona heat. It is light and will wear all day. It won’t slide off your face and will leave you looking natural all hours of the day and night.

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Using Makeup To Set The Tone For Your Entire Outfit

When we think of fashion, the premier images that present themselves in our minds typically involve runways and haute couture. Although those two heavy hitters set the precedent for what eventually makes its way into our closets, let’s wade out into uncharted territory and tackle a lesser dwelled-upon piece of the fashion pie — makeup. If the fabrics that adorn our bodies can make a statement, why are the colors and creams that splash across our faces so often overlooked?

I challenge you to start viewing your makeup as what it really is — yet another arrow in the quiver of your personal sense of style.

Consider the tone

Most women understand the basics of the art of makeup, which usually go something like this: Wear fake lashes and heavier colors when you’re going out at night, use more conservative palettes during the day, and, when in doubt, remember that less is more. You’ve surely heard some version of this, right? Well, I wouldn’t say I disagree with these frequently touted rules of thumb, but I adamantly do not subscribe to them as the final say in all situations.

As I often believe with all facets of fashion, unpredictability and uniqueness can be your most valuable weapons — even when it comes to makeup. Choose the tone you want to set based on your outfit and your mood, and then have at it accomplishing that tone!

Set up the tone

Here are a few specific ways your makeup can dictate the overall feel of your clothing ensemble (although this is just a sampling of possibilities):


makeup tipsIf Charlize Theron had gone with the standard makeup rules, she would have played up her face with more rich colors to contrast against the already-pale hues of her dress. But Theron did something unexpected — and it paid off. The barely-there, flesh-toned makeup palette on her face gives her a serene and ethereal look. This subdued combination was even more eye-catching than bolder colors would have been.

If you want to capture this peaceful aura, avoid bronzer or blush and choose nude-colored eye shadow and lip tints. Be prepared to be captivating.


makeup tipsMiss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella, was wearing a black dress to an event and chose to buck the trend of going smoky with her face palette. Instead of going with that common choice, she transformed a typically somber outfit into a playful little number by changing one thing — her makeup.

If you want to try this look, trade in dark eye shadows for a light dusting of peach, and exchange a dull lipstick for an eye-popping tangerine and accompanying gloss. Time to play!


makeup tipsZoe Saldana is usually very understated with her makeup choices, but when she wore a print dress to an event, she made the smart decision to pump up the sultry flair of her outfit. She pulled her hair back to accentuate her smoldering gold, brown and black-dusted eyes, and this simple switch made her entire look appear mysterious and striking.

To try this, be sure you only choose one area to inject with drama, or else you can end up looking overdone. Enhance the eyes or give your lips some bold-colored love, but don’t do both. Go for colors that are theatrical and rich, and you’ll be drama incarnate in no time.

The key with makeup is to not overdo it, but not be afraid of a little experimentation either. It’s not permanent, after all! Eye shadows in all colors of the rainbow can make for a more mesmerizing focal point than even the best statement necklace, and luscious lips or radiant skin can give your fashion choices just the right amount of pizzazz they need. Doll yourself up with class and care, and you’ll be set to proudly display your beautiful face as an extension of your self-expression. Have fun, makeup-ettes!