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How to ‘sweat pretty’ with Scottsdale 16’s Grace Koval

In the unforgiving Arizona summer heat, it is all about sweating pretty. Grace Koval, member of the Scottsdale 16, a part of Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations, shared some of her summer beauty secrets, tips and techniques to beat the summer heat. The Scottsdale 16 is a group of young, beautiful women in Arizona… Read More →

4 Tips to Avoid Summer Makeup Meltdowns

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Just in time for the Valley’s first heat wave and for a special event at UNION next weekend arrives Citrine Natural Beauty Bar owner Melissa Lenberg’s summer makeup meltdown lifesavers. Prepping for Citrine’s Get Glowing For Summer Event from 12 – 6 p.m. June 1 (which will aptly be followed by Mimoasas, Makeovers, and Manicures â€¦ Read More →

Using Makeup To Set The Tone For Your Entire Outfit

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by in Style

When we think of fashion, the premier images that present themselves in our minds typically involve runways and haute couture. Although those two heavy hitters set the precedent for what eventually makes its way into our closets, let’s wade out into uncharted territory and tackle a lesser dwelled-upon piece of the fashion pie — makeup.… Read More →