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Scottsdale Quarter welcomes European men’s store Suitsupply

Milan, London, Brussels, New York, Chicago and now Scottsdale. Distinguished men’s label Suitsupply, is the latest first-to-market retailer to land at Scottsdale Quarter. Recognized for its refined international men’s fashions, Suitsupply will open at the 28-acre shopping, dining and entertainment destination on May 22nd.

As the latest addition to a roster of fashion, design, wellness and tech boutiques, Suitsupply will bring the one-of-a-kind panache and freshness of their signature style to a retail location known for its style-conscious clientele. Alongside their unbeatable customer service and knowledgeable staff, Suitsupply’s new 5,611 square foot spot will feature a private shopping room, and an in-store tailor to ensure that no one leaves with anything less than a perfect fit. With an outdoor terrace, you can kick back and enjoy an espresso while waiting for alterations.

Suitsupply Scottsdale will offer a complete collection of suits, jackets, trousers, shoes, shirts and accessories. Additionally, the spring/summer 14‚ season will feature all-new shorts; perfect for the summer season.

“We wanted to create a collection and atmosphere that was suited for the style-conscious men of Scottsdale,” says CEO and founder Fokke de Jong.

“That’s why you’ll find plenty of lightweight linen and cotton fabrics, seersucker shorts, and a comfortable outdoor space to lounge in while taking in some scenic views.”

Established by Fokke de Jong in 2000, Suitsupply has grown from its beginning in Amsterdam to more than 44 stores in Europe and the U.S. De Jong was 27 years old when he fell in love with the fashion business and started organizing tailoring parties in the university campus and offices. He started the business from the trunk of his car, 6 months before graduating from a law degree. Eventually he decided to quit school and pursue his business in the world of tailoring.

The new location will be in Scottsdale Quarter at 15037 N. Scottsdale Rd. For more information follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fb.suitsupply or you can find them on Twitter under @MrSuitsupply.

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Men’s Summer Fashion: 3 Must-Haves

Gentlemen, grab a sharpened No. 2 pencil and a pad of a paper. You’re about to take a crash course in summer fashion.

For many men, summer style consists solely of graphic tees, shorts with oversized pockets and faded leather flip-flops. However, this season, men everywhere are emerging from the woodworks in trendy, fashionable items — and we invite you to join them.

3 Men’s Summer Fashion Must-Haves:

men's summer fashionShorts or bust

In with the slim, out with the slouch! Time to toss out those loose, so-baggy-they’re-practically-pants, cargo shorts. This summer, plunge into fashion by trending up your wardrobe with the season’s most basic article: shorts.

Slim-fit shorts sit a little higher on the waste, and hang just above the knee. Instead of the traditional flare we’ve seen in men’s shorts for decades, these offer straight, slimmer lines. Furthermore, these shorts are incredibly lightweight. Perfect for those scorching summer afternoons.

men's summer fashionRock the boat

Remember those goofy-looking shoes our fathers used to wear? Well, they’re back — and with a stylish vengeance. The boat shoe, also known as the dock shoe, is a comfortable alternative to the sneaker; and better yet, you don’t have to tie it.

This shoe is available in a large variety of colors and materials, which means it’s versatile enough to wear at work or play. Pair these with pants or shorts; they work with virtually anything. Don’t be afraid to try the season’s most popular bold colors; your feet will thank you later.

men's summer fashionChinos for days

Too hot for jeans, but too cool for shorts? Release the chinos. These thin pants are known for its trademark hemline, or cuff (which exposes the ankle), as well as its bright, summery colors.

Typically made of a cotton or linen, these are the perfect way to spice up a basic pant and t-shirt look, without feeling emasculated. If you’re bold enough to sport a more brighter hue, tone the look down by wearing a neutral tone on top. In this scenario, your pants should always remain the focal point.

These looks are affordable and easy to find, so no excuses! We all understand that shopping may not be a man’s favorite past time, but with these simple tweaks to basic apparel, you’ll be glad you opened your eyes to the world of fashion.