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Health Resolutions to Make Before the New Year

Health Resolutions To Make Before The New Year

Each year, we spend New Year’s Day resolving to improve mind, body and spirit.

However, in most cases, those resolutions are often broken, forgotten and shelved for yet another year before the holiday lights even come down.

So, this year, why not get a head’s start on make better choices before the New Year arrives?

Below are some helpful tips from Valley health leaders on how to get a jump start while the holidays are still in full swing:

Decrease Risk of Silent Nights

“Resolve to make your ears a part of your yearly physical exam,” says Sherri Collins, executive director of Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. “General practitioners will check your eyes, heart and blood pressure, but they do not normally perform hearing tests. This could prevent furthering any existing hearing loss.”

She adds to also turn down excess noise this holiday season and beyond. According to Collins, 15 percent of individuals aged 20-69 have some degree of hearing loss that may have been caused by exposure to loud noises.

Increase Talk Time

“The holidays are the perfect time to create healthy communication in your family by talking regularly with your kids about finals, school recess plans, social life, goals and peer-pressure,” says Leslie Bloom of DrugFreeAz.org. “Children who regularly talk with their parents are 50 percent less likely to use drugs. A great place to start that conversation is around the dinner table together.”

Also, while stocking the cabinets for guests this holiday season, take some time to unstock what you no longer need.

“Use the excuse of holiday guests to go through your medicine cabinet and clear out any unused or expired medicines,” Bloom says. “Check out DrugFreeAz.org/Rx for the best ways to dispose of those unused or expired medicines.”

Decrease Sweets for Your Sweets

In a recent report, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, an Emmy-award winning chief medical correspondent for the Health, Medical & Wellness unit at CNN, reported that according to estimates, nearly 20 percent of the total calories in American diets comes from added sugar via soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, desserts, fruit drinks, ice cream and other candies.

But that is just the beginning.

“Most people don’t realize that diets rich in sugar not only lead to increased risk of diabetes, but also to heart disease and cancer,” says Dr. Coral Quiet of Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists. “Breast and colon cancers have insulin receptors that encourage tumor growth.”

A best bet to optimize health — fight the sugar bug during the holidays.

Increase Pillow Talk

“There will be more than 12,000 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed this year in the United States alone, making it the third most common cancer in women,” says Dr. Rhianna Meadows of Planned Parenthood Arizona. “The No. 1 risk factor in developing cervical cancer — the human papilloma virus, or HPV.”

With this disease — and most other STDs — easily confused with common ailments in early stages, the only defense is a good offense. The offense: communication.

According to Dr. Meadows, some questions to get started:

  • Have you ever been tested for any STDs? If so, which ones?
  • Are you involved with anyone else, or when was your last sexual activity?
  • I believe in safe sex and condom use, do you?

Decrease the Summer Glow

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 31,000 Arizona residents are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. And not all of them have the hot summer sun to blame.

“This is Arizona — not the Jersey Shore,” says Dr. Gregory Maggass of Arizona Center for Cancer Care. “Simply put, do not step foot in a tanning bed to keep your summer glow this holiday season.”

Each of these early resolutions will make for a very happy — and healthy — New Year, indeed.

For more information on all these and other health resolutions to make, please visit any of the below:


Sushi Rolls, Sapporo

Eat Sushi Rolls, Lose The Stomach Rolls

The New You in 2012: Eating sushi will help you trim down and reach your weight goal

As every year comes and goes, New Year’s resolutions are put in to place. But do you keep them? Most don’t — be it lack of motivation, hectic lives that get in the way or whatever the case may be. For those who choose to eat healthier in 2012, however, it is not as hard as it may seem. Yes, those trips to the fast-food burger joints should come to a stop, but when eating in smaller portions, having more than the typical three meals a day and sticking to the right foods, losing those extra pounds becomes a breeze.

Sapporo Sushi RollsHow do you know if a food is right for you or not? Low in fat, high in proteins, vitamins, etc. are all good things to look for. But that doesn’t mean foods you’re eating now aren’t healthy for you. Take for example, sushi — low in saturated fat and high in protein.

While some things like eel and fusion style sushi (rolling maki with different types of rice and varying ingredients, such as basmati rice, salsa, lamb, capers, etc.) can be higher in fat, lower in protein or whatever the case may be per mixture of ingredients, sushi is actually a healthy food that can help you reach that 2012 weight goal.

Some sushi, and many of the other items on the Sapporo menu, that may tempt the taste buds, while also trimming the waistline include:

Sushi Rolls:

Veggie RollAlaskan RollSapporo Roll
California RollTekka MakiRainbow Roll
Spicy SalmonSpicy YellowtailTora Tora
Spicy TunaWawa RollMT Roll
Scottsdale RollSpider RollRed Tiger Roll

New Lunch Items:

Noodle/Rice Bowls: Seared tuna, spicy grilled salmon and the Pad Thai optionsNagiri and Sashimi (excluding eel)Signature Rolls: Sauté Roll, Blue Fin Special and Citrus Yellowtail
Crispy soft shell crab sandwichSalads: Wonton chicken, grilled teriyaki salmon and spinach gorgonzolaBento Boxes: an assortment of aforementioned items

These are merely an example of some low-cal dishes one may find not only at Sapporo, but in restaurants across the Valley. The key is knowing your ingredients, researching some of your favorite foods to know which may be healthier than the rest and even utilizing the plethora of smartphone apps that can do everything from telling you the contents of a dish you’re considering or helping you count calories as you go about your day (some highly-rated apps to try include Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, MyNetDiary Pro, Tap & Track Calorie Counter, etc.).

Cheers to a healthier new you in 2012 and enjoying some sushi along the way!