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Former White House doctor will speak at healthcare awards

Although she doesn’t, Dr. Connie Mariano could boast about her title as the first Filipino American in history to receive the rank of Navy Rear Admiral. However, when she reflects on her past, this “first” may not seem quite as significant as another first: “the first patient.” This is how Dr. Mariano, former White House… Read More →

Omar Abdul-Hadi joins CORE Institute

Doctor, Vacancy

Arizona’s #1 ranked orthopedic practice, The CORE Institute, announced the addition of Omar Abdul-Hadi, MD, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in primary and revision joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee. “Dr. Abdul-Hadi joins The CORE Institute as an established physician who previously practiced in Southern Oregon.  He cares for patients in need of a… Read More →