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PSL creates Valley of the Sun Law Clerk Program

Given Phoenix School of Law’s (PSL) mission pillar of Practice Ready Students, PSL has created the PSL Valley of the Sun Law Clerk Program (the Program).

“The Program has been designed to attract private law firms and business employers to hire our students as summer law clerks, and to provide them with high quality practice experience. Gaining practical legal experience in law school furthers our experiential learning philosophy, and increases the student’s value to prospective post-graduate employers,” stated Joseph Perez Assistant Dean of Professional Development at Phoenix School of Law.

“The Program is made possible by a grant from PSL to participating employers. The grant covers a match of the hourly wages paid to the student by the employer. For example, if an employer will pay $8 an hour, PSL will provide a matching grant of $8, for a total of $16 per hour paid to the student. The Program provides the employers with needed staff, and supplies our students with valuable legal experience, that they can leverage during their search for permanent employment,” added Perez.

Zarina Aguilar, a law student shares her thoughts on having participated in the Program, “The Valley of the Sun Program provided me with an invaluable experience. The Center for Professional Development (CPD) aims hard to bring employers from all over the valley including Tucson to accommodate every student’s preferred location. I was placed at Benavidez Law Group where I experienced first-hand criminal and immigration hearings. The people at the firm I worked for not only were great supervisors, but they became lasting friends and valuable references for the future.”

“Our firm participated in the PSL Law Clerk Program last year and hired two law students over the summer. We’ll be doing the same this year. The program offers tremendous value for the money; the students were well prepared and hard working. The most fun was getting to know the law students and experiencing their enthusiasm and excitement towards the law, something that diminishes after practicing for a while. They reinvigorated our firm with a renewed energy,” states Jennifer L. Kupiszewski, Esq. with the Kupiszewski Law Firm.

To view a complete overview of the program and if your law firm or business is interested in participating, visit this link and complete a quick registration form.

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Phoenix School of Law Will Change Term Structure

Phoenix School of Law (PSL) announced that it is expanding its current schedule from two academic terms to three academic terms beginning in the fall of 2013.  The academic terms will start in the fall, spring and summer. Students have the option of attending either two or three terms during the academic year. The new structure offers significant advantages to students and is responsive to challenges currently facing legal education and the legal industry.

The advantages of the new structure include:

Course Scheduling

• Required Courses Offered Every Term: New students will have the option of beginning their legal studies in January, May or September. Required courses will be offered in each term so students have the option in the third term of continuing classes, participating in experiential learning opportunities, or taking time off.  Moreover, the availability of three full terms in each academic year affords students a wider choice of elective and required course offerings.
• Increased Course Availability for Part-time/Evening Students: PSL offers the only part-time program for law students in the state of Arizona.  The addition of required courses, additional electives, and increased experiential learning opportunities in each term expands the variety of courses available for part-time students.

• Accelerated JD Degree: Students can choose to attend classes for all three terms and graduate in 2 years resulting in reducing their overall debt and accelerating their legal careers.

Clinics, Internships, and Externships
• Increased Opportunities: Students will have a greater opportunity and flexibility to participate in experiential learning opportunities.  The longer summer term of 12 weeks will allow students to gain more practical experience and additional academic credit.
•    Year – Round Options for Gaining Work Experience: The flexible scheduling option provides the opportunity for full time work experience at any time of the year, which is optimal for both the student and legal employers.

“We continuously strive to improve and differentiate our program of legal education.  Many of these improvements came about as a result of the great ideas of our students, faculty, staff, board members, and the legal community. Our new scheduling options allow our students to continue to develop and apply those practical skills most valued by legal employers”, stated Shirley Mays, Dean of Phoenix School of Law.