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Top marketers honored at SMPS Arizona Awards

SMPS Arizona

Four firms and three individuals were honored Tuesday night at the 2017 Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Arizona Marketing Communications Awards held at Casablanca Rooftop Lounge in Old Town Scottsdale. The annual event recognizes excellence in marketing and communications by professional services firms in the design and building industries. The SMPS Marketing Communications Awards… Read More →

Put your marketing strategy on a wait-loss plan

As we move tremendously close to 2015, most firms are in the midst of planning. And this planning is getting much more exciting for many as the key indicators of the economy are generally improving. I will recap the many strategic planning sessions I have participated in over the last six-plus difficult economic years…”We are… Read More →

Op-Ed: Think ‘Frozen’ this summer for your marketing efforts

“Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore…” And in 11 words I have every reader doing one of two things—cringing that they will now have that song in their heads the rest of the day, or thinking of their child/grandchild singing this song with pure joy over and over and over… Read More →

Op-Ed: The problem with prospecting

Admit it. It’s on the “To Do” list. You work on that list, add to it and then turn the page of your note pad and forget it. You will get to it…but then the week gets busy and you move it to next week…and so it goes. In order to get new business, we… Read More →

Nicole Kadyszewski joins Small Giants

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Nicole Kadyszewski has joined the Small Giants team as director of operations and recruiting, focusing on organizational management, process improvement and talent placement for marketing and business development professionals. With eight years of field experience in general contracting and real estate development, Kadyszewski is applying her project manager skills to orchestrate the team’s growing workload… Read More →

Business Development: No Instruction Book

Many commercial real estate firms are changing the way they do business, as the last five years have forced them to examine how they attract and retain clients. One of the greatest take-aways of the Great Recession is business development—the approach commercial real estate-related firms are taking to expand their client base and engage their… Read More →

Differentiation: What Kind Of Ketchup Are You?

  If you are ever looking for a great way to contemplate differentiating your firm, just stroll through the grocery store aisles. I don’t know about you, but I had no idea there were jalapeno ketchup, ketchup in a bag and green ketchup, when all they are really selling is a substance created of tomatoes.… Read More →

Making Your Marketing Stand Out: Are You Wearing Your Favorite Snow Boots In The Summer?

  So, we collected all of our stuff to head out the door and realized that my 4-year-old was not in tow. I called out to her and she said, “I’m coming. I just needed to get ready!” That was interesting, as I had already gotten her dressed, hair brushed, shoes on … Out she… Read More →

When Marketing and Money Meet

  I have found it interesting and disheartening that many firms have an unspoken wall between the day-to-day functions of accounting and the marketing activities. These are typically the polar opposites in your company — one is analytical and numbers-oriented; the other is people-oriented, set on promoting the firm, the creative side … and never… Read More →

Sarah Boddy Joins Small Giants as Operations Manager

Sarah Boddy
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Small Giants welcomes Sarah Boddy to the firm as the operations manager responsible for all office administration and client project management. With six years experience, Boddy offers direct insight as an operations manager within the commercial real estate industry, bringing knowledge and skills to improving business processes. Her responsibilities at Small Giants include assisting the… Read More →

Have You Encountered a Marketing Blackout?

  After years and months of preparation, anticipation and planning, Super Bowl XLVII will be remembered for the 34-minute blackout. More than the always-memorable ads, paying $3.8 million per 30-second spot, the halftime show or the game itself, the “unfortunate moment” was what will be remembered. Equipment at the venue, feeds into the Superdome …… Read More →

Abbey Carpenter Joins Small Giants As Marketing Coordinator

Abbey Carpenter
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Small Giants hired Abbey Carpenter as the firm’s marketing coordinator to assist and project manage creative marketing, graphics, social media, website direction, and proposal development for clients. With 8 years experience, Carpenter brings vast creative experience, but with a marketing in-house mind and point of view – providing new insights and ideas to the Small… Read More →

First Press Fine Wine Auction Benefits KJZZ Youth Media Project

First Press Fine Wine Auction
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The 10th Annual First Press Fine Wine Auction will benefit the KJZZ Youth Media Project. All proceeds from the auction go to the youth media program that allows KJZZ reporters to mentor high school students in the areas of journalism and reporting. The 10th Annual First Press Fine Wine Auction The 10th Annual First Press… Read More →