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Boe Bergeson, RJM Construction at C2 Tactical. Photo by Mike Mertes, AZ Big Media

RJM Construction’s Boe Bergeson is at home on the range

Boe Bergeson is a managing partner and developer at RJM Construction, but in his spare time he owns and operates C2 Tactical gun range in Tempe. Bergeson said the gun range is a great way to stay connected to the community in the East Valley and helps support the gun community. Bergeson’s gun range also came with the idea for the phone app “Zombies in Phoenix.” C2 Tactical offers several zombie packages for a unique twist on the gun range experience, and the app offers consumers the ability to simulate those experiences. In addition to real estate and shooting, Bergeson’s adventurous interests include skiing, scuba diving and fly fishing.

What did you think you’d be when you grew up?
I had a pretty active imagination as a kid and still do. That said, when I do grow up I will let you know. In my younger years, I always had an interest in development/construction and always wanted to own my own business. I feel fortunate that I have the ability to do both at this stage in my life with RJM and C2 Tactical.

What is the best business advice you’ve been given?
There is an opportunity in every situation and every business dealing. The key is to find it. Try to see that opportunity. Don’t dwell on the problems. Find solutions, look to capitalize on that opportunity for you and your business, partners and project team(s).

What made you want to get involved with C2 Tactical?
I knew from our ownership and involvement in Caswells (shooting range) in Mesa that the East Valley was ready for new indoor shooting experience. I wanted to take all the great things we do and are able to do well at Caswells and add in the elements that we could not offer — such as corporate events, parties and the simulator experience — and package that into a new facility in a great location. To date, the response we receive from our customers has been great.

Why are you passionate about C2 Tactical?
It’s a great business that creates opportunity for people from all walks of life. I enjoy the development side of what we do, and I have fantastic business partners, great managers and employees that execute our mission within the business operations. It’s exciting to create a new facility the supports an industry and way of life that we are passionate about while creating jobs for people and a great experience for firearm enthusiasts (new and old, male and female).

Tell us about the phone app inspired by C2 Tactical.
The inspiration for the new game app comes from a few unique features and things we are doing at C2:
• One of the great things about C2 Tactical is its fun nature, culture and commitment to being a friendly family environment. We wanted to continue that trend in a very real and active environment on individuals’ phones. Our ability to take our brand to an app for phones and tablets lets folks enjoy a fun extension of C2 Tactical during their day when they cannot be at the range.
• We also wanted to be able to tie some of our in-store offerings into a game application that keeps our current and future customers excited about their next trip to C2 to enjoy the indoor shooting experience (out on the range with a zombie package or in the simulator with a zombie scenario).
• We also like the ability of our game app users to be able to play online, accumulate points and redeem those points for in-store value on real goods and services. We’re excited to be able to reward our customers for their time investment they have spent with us online.

Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps: A Rewarding Way To Achieve Your Goals

Yes, “there’s an app for that.” Some provide the most important element – FUN! They can be rewarding, literally rewarding. I’m talking about real cash and prizes. Whether you’re just getting started or feel the need to accomplish more, a great software application can give you an edge to achieve your fitness goals. Many integrate social networking, which adds encouragement, competition and the chance to make new friends. Cost and convenience are primary reasons for the growing popularity of exercise and fitness apps.

They’re significantly cheaper than gym memberships and personal trainers, and these fitness apps perfectly fit your schedule and demands because you’re in full control. So take control and wield it as any skilled craftsman would a prize tool.

Use caution

I reviewed a few below, but there are some things to remember. The fitness app doesn’t do the work for you. In our modern society, we need to add it to the list — no perfect exercise, no miracle pill, no magic diet, no special app. Living life takes effort, and you must take ownership of your actions, or lack thereof. Many provide detailed instructions with adequate audio and visual aids, but this is not a substitute for a trained and experienced teacher. There is the potential for injury and be certain you are medically approved to attempt the program. Take the time to learn, listen to your body, and solicit qualified advice if you’re unsure.

Fitness apps:

Nexercise – iOS, FREE; $2.99 upgrade

This Facebook of fitness apps can track more than 90 activities. Key features include chat and comments with friends and the ability to earn points and medals for accomplishments. These can then be redeemed for real prizes or discounts on various goods and services. GPS tracking verifies location and routes to keep everyone honest. This fitness app is for tracking purposes only; it is not for exercise instruction or planning workout routines.

MapMyRun – iOS/Android/Blackberry, FREE; $2.99 upgrade

This app has all the great tracking information a running app should have with voice prompts to keep you updated on your progress while you’re exercising. It integrates social networking, including photo and story sharing for added motivation and the ability to search for local events for added competition. Join sponsored challenges to win prizes. This app is great if you love to run, but it doesn’t have options to mix in other types of fitness.

GymPact – iOS, FREE

This one is simple and straight forward. Set an activity goal, such as number of gym sessions completed in the next 30 days. Complete it, and receive a small cash reward, but fail, and you pay. GPS allows you to locate a nearby gym, check in, and log time spent exercising. This app is for tracking purposes only. It is not for exercise instruction or planning workout routines, and the only social interaction is to share your routine.

Nike+ – iOS, FREE; $1.99 upgrade

One of the original and continually evolving fitness apps, it can be enhanced with the purchase of additional technology, such as a sensor wristband. They have since expanded into general fitness with workout routines and exercise instruction. Nike has also partnered with Kiip to offer rewards for completing achievements. There is some variety with Nike, but not an all-in-one app to satisfy your demands.

Zombies, RUN! – iOS/Android, $7.99

Turn running into an actual game. Complete missions and story lines, or just run for your life while listening to voice prompts and your own playlist. You can use it anywhere, even on a treadmill. It lacks performance tracking and social networking, but the developer is promising upgrades soon.

FitnessBuilder – iOS/Android, FREE; $9.99 upgrade

This is the king of fitness apps with 750+ workouts and 5,600+ exercise photos and videos. It also includes a virtual personal trainer, performance and body composition tracking, as well as the ability to customize your own routine. There are event options for professionals to track group or individual client performance. You can share workouts and ask questions, but it would be nice to have more social networking capabilities.

You Are Your Own Gym – iOS/Android, $1.99

Based on the book by Mark Lauren, this fitness app teaches you to use your own body to exercise anywhere. In includes customizable timers and lots of instructional photos. Developers are promising videos and the ability to ask questions to a trainer, maybe even a little social networking because it always more fun with friends.