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Color Me Plum and Pink! Here’s How to Stock Your Makeup Bag for Next Season’s Trends

Spring is right around the corner. Sure, you could do your spring-cleaning but why not re-stock your makeup bag to match the season first? Lilly Garfield, CEO of CosBar, and Gloria Banuelos, the Scottsdale CosBar store manager, shared some makeup tips to keep your face trendy this spring. With so much knowledge and great recommendations,… Read More →

Product of the week: Creme D'Olives

by in Beauty | Cool Products

Unlike other products, Creme d’Olives is not an exfoliant, a peel, or an agent which temporarily puffs up the skin. Instead, one of the key ingredients in Creme d’Olives – olive leaf extract – is a powerful anti-oxidant, and another, pea extract, protects elastic tissue, which is so important to the maintenance of proper skin… Read More →