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How bike-friendly is Phoenix?

A recent Washington Post story illustrated the connectivity of bike lanes and paths in several major U.S. cities. The result? In places like Miami and Seattle, bike lanes are intermittent and sporadically connected.

By comparison, Phoenix boasts a well-connected set of dedicated bike paths and lanes, according to analysis of data provided by the Maricopa Association of Governments.

Bike lanes and paths connect heavily populated areas from Surprise to Mesa, despite the Phoenix metropolitan area being a notable example of urban sprawl in the United States. The bike lanes extend as far west as Buckeye and as far north as Cave Creek, though they are less densely connected in these far-reaching areas.

The map does not include off-road recreational trails, paved shoulders or multi-use paths.

A similar map of Washington D.C. displays a number of short bike paths that rarely connect to one another, according to an illustration created by the Washington Post’s Wonkblog. Boston’s bike lanes line major roads but fail to run through smaller streets. It is Miami, however, that presents the least-connected system of bike lanes and paths.

Bike to Work

Biking To Work – Who Needs A Car?

Did you know that Americans collectively make 4 billion trips by bike each year, up from 1.7 billion in 2001?

While driving is still most Americans’ primary means of getting to and from work every day, cycling is gaining ground as an option in more and more cities across the United States, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether it is because it has gotten safer, is cheaper, is a form of exercise, or because it is good for the environment, the trend is growing.

We invite you to view this infographic from Bolt Insurance which illustrates this.

Here are a few facts from the graphic:

  • 4 in 10: Ride bikes for work, pleasure or exercise
  • 21%: Cycling fatalities declined between 1998 and 2008
  • Portland: No. 1 state with nearly 6% of people biking to work
  • 76%: How most people get to work – they drive alone

Biking To Work
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Infographic Credits, courtesy of Bolt Insurance:

Source: BoltInsurance.com