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Your guide to Arizona antique shops

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Antique and vintage designs with a heavy-dose of nostalgia has been everywhere for quite sometime. This trend has taken form through the clothes we wear, but it’s also starting to be in our own homes. Who doesn’t look back fondly at their Grandparents’ place (within reason) and wish they had that cool lamp in their… Read More →

A Nursery Transformation With Affordable Design, DIY Projects

affordable design - Scottsdale Living Magazine Spring 2012

Nursery Times: Local designer transforms a room with affordable design and unique DIY projects Mix birds and crystals, mix in harlequin-patterned drapes and a grand chandelier, paint the walls pink, sprinkle a few do-it-yourself projects throughout the room, and you have yourself an elegant vintage nursery. Using large pieces of furniture already owned by homeowners… Read More →