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Packing 101

Packing 101: Weekend Getaways

With summer’s searing wrath upon us, it’s time to prepare and prioritize your weekend getaway wish list. And whether you’re planning a romantic rendezvous, a trip with the girls or a family expedition, packing wisely is always the challenge.

Packing 101: Here are some tips to help you become a more efficient packer:

Packing 101

Good things come in small packages

Absolute truth: no matter how big the suitcase, you’ll fill it! Save yourself the temptation and aggravation by settling on a smaller bag. With less space, you’ll find yourself putting more thought into what you’re packing, and how you’re packing (i.e., if bringing heels, remember to place them in the middle of the bag, heels facing in).

Rolling articles up tends to keep them from getting too wrinkled during the trek.

Think, and then pack

Plan ahead. Once you’ve decided on your itinerary, pack accordingly. If you’re on the fence, be a minimalist — to do otherwise spells big trouble, and big suitcases. Go with your gut; your initial instinct bears out more often than not.

Simplicity and versatility are key

Packing 101It’s not a costume party. Think comfortable chic. Color coordination is key, so stick to two to three different colors; this way you have the option of mixing and matching your items without reconciling palettes or patterns. (Neutrals are always a safe bet; however, don’t be afraid to spice things up with some trendy pastel pieces for layering.).

Try before you buy

Run a beta test. With limited space, you want to be sure that the items you pack are the items you’re going to be happy with once you arrive. Pairing your outfits from head to shoes before departing will save you from a mini fashion crisis. It’s better to bring more tops than bottoms: not only are they smaller and easier to pack, but unlike bottoms, you can’t be a repeat offender.

Let these guidelines serve as your mantra as you blissfully plan that weekend away. The moral of the story is: simple is better, and everything is good in moderation. Keep that in mind, and you’ll experience packing rapture (or at least avoid that pre-departure anxiety attack).

Man standing in front of building pointing a surveillance camera at you

Pasquale J. Piscitelli, Founder And CEO Of Simply Surveillance, Took His Background In Technology To The 24-hour Monitoring Business

Pasquale J. Piscitelli
Simply Surveillance
Title: Founder and CEO
Est.: 2003

“The greatest achievement is starting with just a vision and shoestring budget, and then being able to complete projects that challenge most large companies while keeping our integrity.” – Pasquale J. Piscitelli, founder and CEO of Simply Surveillance

Pasquale J. Piscitelli has always worked in technology — ranging from graphic art to database administration. Today, he is the CEO of Simply Surveillance, a local business that specializes in 24-hour monitoring for alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

The company began in 2003 as B*Evolved Technology group, which Piscitelli founded to specialize in low-voltage installations, entertainment, communications, wireless networks, surveillance and security systems.

Piscitelli knew that the company needed focus, and he credits the change to a complete stranger.

“During an expo, a man visited our booth,” he says. “As he approached the booth he said, ‘Wow, what a great logo, nice colors, interesting name … but what do you do?’ ”

That day, Piscitelli called business associates and reassessed the company.

“We came to the realization that surveillance was the majority of our business and the market was tantalizing,” Piscitelli says. “The transition was painless. Simply Surveillance was formed.”

The company now has eight employees, including office staff and installation technicians, and is poised for further growth. Piscitelli hopes to begin franchising on the West Coast and eventually throughout the United States.

But their current location in the Valley has been an advantage.

“Arizona is an opportunistic state,” he says, adding that it “is a sizeable state with a personable and relatively tight-networked business community. Once you have a reputation for being a ‘straight shooter’ everyone will know and it doesn’t take long.”

“The greatest achievement is starting with just a vision and shoestring budget, and then being able to complete projects that challenge most large companies while keeping our integrity.”

But it isn’t easy. Piscitelli notes that one of the most challenging aspects is researching new products in an industry that is constantly changing.

He reveals that Simply Surveillance stays on top of technology by working directly with manufacturers from the United States and abroad to enhance their offerings. They build relationships with the companies and stay loyal.

“These relationships give us an edge because we stay informed of new product developments before they are released to the public,” he says, and asserts that one of the best parts of the industry is knowing that he is making things that matter.

AZ Business Magazine March 2010“I like the fact that we can customize systems, be creative, and meet our client’s needs,” he says. “People look to us to solve problems so it’s never boring! There’s a certain satisfaction knowing our systems actually make a difference in people’s lives.”

While economic woes affected many companies negatively, Simply Surveillance is one company that has actually benefited from the recession.

“I’d like to thank all the thieves, creeps and less reputable for keeping us in business,” Piscitelli jokes, before adding seriously, “some find excuses in recession, some find opportunity. We focus on opportunity!”