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Candid Camera: Joe Snell captures the big picture of Tucson

Usually when people are trying to get inspired, they look up. That may not be the case concerning Tucson and its surrounding areas in the near future.

Joe Snell, president and CEO of Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, says Southern Arizona is celebrating its best year since 2007. With news of HomeGoods, Comcast and LCMS moving into or expanding in Tucson, job numbers and capital investment are soaring. A win for Tucson, is a win for Phoenix, he adds. Snell wants Arizona’s economic developers to think bigger, and that’s why the organization announced in June it changed its name to Sun Corridor, Inc., which has 56 board members who represent 85 percent of all employers south of Phoenix.

Let’s talk about some of these good announcements coming out of Tucson.
There’s no doubt the recession hit Arizona hard. Southern Arizona was hit especially hard. It has been a rough run of it for six or seven years. We’ve been more aggressive into our operations than we were pre-recession. In every measure, we’ve had the best year since going into the recession. We ended up announcing, between major expansions or relocations, 14 major projects. … We did add two more foreign trade zone magnet sites to Pinal County… We opened our footprint by offering them two FTZ sites. … We’re actively selling Pinal County. It’s a natural segue to Sun Corridor. The name change, more than anything, is just catching up to the reality of what’s happening on the ground.

What is the significance of Sun Corridor?
One of the mantras we have with that is we just need one market. Sun Corridor is loosely a term for all these cities (in Southern Arizona). … We are the biggest bi-national economic development group in the nation, which means we’re working both sides of the border. Mexico is an integral part of our future economy. We plan to have a strong presence there. We’re one market divided by a border. We want people to look at Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico as one market.

What is Sun Corridor’s statement about the difference it will make?
We want to shape and maximize economic opportunities for Arizona. I think Southern Arizona will be an economic convergence center for the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Last year, when we talked, you mentioned creative fundraising initiatives. Where is Sun Corridor at with these?
The vast majority of our funding is private. Funding is not an issue for us. We’re doing very well. We’re providing a strong vision. We’re healthy with good reserves. (Paying for infrastructure) is still an issue for us. We’ve worked closely with the rest of the business community and local government to support a bond issue that could put $800M back into the system. I have a 56-member board that voted unanimously on this. If we don’t invest in our own roads and economic development initiatives, who will? … What I’m saying is that maybe 15 years ago, we would have looked at the federal government to underwrite us. Now, we’re taking control of our destiny.

What is one of Tucson’s most understated values?
I think Tucson is well-known but not well understood. There are a lot of values here that are not well-understood. The talent pool is deep and rich at all levels. We have great high-tech and craftsmen. Our strategic location is just super. It’s not just Tucson. It’s Southern Arizona. Big markets in California and growing in Mexico…they’re going to be an economic superpower quickly.

How has the Banner-University Health Network merger affected SoutherN Arizona?
I was extremely supportive of the Banner partnership. One problem we have in Arizona is we think in pockets. We think too small. We’re one market. When I was in New York, Phoenix is five times the size of Tucson but no one has heard of it. They see L.A., Chicago and everything else in between. I came out of Denver doing this. In Southern Arizona, we embrace regionality. Maybe UA brings something no one else does. Let’s work as one market. Banner Health’s work does point to one market. I love their slogan: No boundaries. We embrace that.


Comcast will add 1,125 jobs in Tucson

Comcast along with Gov. Doug Ducey today announced plans to open a new customer support center in the fall of 2015 in Tucson.

The state-of-the-art 100,000 square-foot facility will be staffed by 1,125 customer service representatives and managers. Comcast will begin filling positions this year. With the addition of the call center, Comcast will have more than 1,250 employees in Tucson. Comcast plans to have at least 15 percent of the new positions at the Customer Support Center to be filled by military reservists, veterans and their spouses or domestic partners.  Nationally, Comcast is committed to hiring 10,000 reservists, veterans and their spouses or domestic partners between 2015 – 2017 across all levels of the organization.

“Comcast’s decision to expand its presence in Tucson is excellent news for our state, and the latest validation that we’re open and ready for business,” said Governor Ducey. “This new, state-of-the-art facility will bring significant economic impact, create more than 1,000 quality jobs for southern Arizonans and further advance our position as one of the most pro-veteran workforces in the nation. This is a huge win for our state, and we’re thrilled to help this great company grow and thrive in Arizona.”

Customer service representatives in the center will assist customers with billing and repair questions – and sales and customer service.  Specialized teams will handle more complex customer needs.  The center will also be home to our new Spanish speaking employees specializing in social media.

Opening the Customer Support Center significantly expands Comcast’s presence in Tucson.  Comcast already serves 67,000 customers in Tucson including hundreds of businesses.  In 2014, Comcast paid more than $732,000 in property taxes, provided $3.3 million in franchise fees to local communities and invested more than $200,000 in Comcast Foundation grants, and contributions, public service announcements, campaigns, scholarships and community volunteer efforts.

 “The Tucson Customer Service Center is being designed from the ground up with training resources and equipment to help the customer service representatives provide exceptional service to our customers,” said Michael Eastman, Senior Director, Customer Account Executive, for Comcast . “When our customers reach this call center, they will be connected with agents who are best equipped to provide an outstanding experience.”

“Tucson has several key competitive advantages for this industry, such as an abundance of high-quality, customer-service labor, a bilingual and multilingual workforce, technical expertise, and a convenient location in the Mountain Time Zone,” said City of Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. “These advantages align very well with Comcast’s goals to deliver superior customer service nationally.”

“Innovation drives global economic growth. So we are pleased that a global media and technology company like Comcast has chosen Arizona as a hub for one of its three state-of-the-art customer support centers,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority. “Arizona is a serious contender when it comes to innovative global companies seeking to expand operations in our dynamic and vibrant business environment. It’s a win for Tucson. And it’s a win for our entire state.”

 “This was a competitive national search, with Tucson combining a multitude of qualities to clearly emerge as the ideal site for this project,” said Joe Snell, president & CEO, Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, Inc. (TREO), now known as Sun Corridor Inc.  “The expanded presence of Comcast, one of the world’s leading media and technology companies, will further strengthen Southern Arizona’s reputation as a location for high-quality businesses.  Our strategic location and talent pool continue to make us attractive to many companies considering expansion plans.”

When the building renovation is complete, the 100,000 square-foot, customer service center will include several resources for employees including product training labs, training rooms, video conference facilities, a cafeteria and fitness center.  Employees will also receive Xfinity products and services from Comcast at no-cost and reduced cost so that they can continue to learn about company products.

Comcast has begun advertising and posting new positions. Those interested in employment opportunities with Comcast can learn more at upcoming area career fairs and are encouraged to review job profiles and opportunities at www.jobs.comcast.com  where they can also apply for positions.

The Customer Support Center in Tucson is one element of a new, multi-year plan Comcast announced recently to reinvent the customer experience and to create a culture focused on exceeding customers’ expectations, at all levels of the company. The plan centers on looking at every decision through a customer lens and making measureable changes and improvements across the company. 

The core elements of the strategic plan include: creating more than 5,500 customer service jobs over the next few years and setting a goal to always be on time for customer appointments by Q3 of 2015.  It also includes major investments in technology and training to give employees the tools they need to deliver excellent service. The company will also simplify billing and create better policies to provide greater consistency and transparency to customers.  Additionally, the plan includes the renovation of hundreds of stores across the country and the development of new technologies that will enable customers to interact with us how and when they want.


What companies have the worst customer service?

Ranker.com, a platform that produces thousands of crowdsourced answers to opinion-based questions, has collected nearly 14,000 votes on what people think are the companies with the worst customer service. Nearly 5,000 votes were also collected on what people think are the most evil Internet companies. Here are the current rankings for both lists:

Companies With the Worst Customer Service

1. Time Warner Cable
2. AT&T
3. Bank of America
4. Walmart
5. American Airlines
6. Comcast
7. Citibank
8. Best Buy
9. Gold’s Gym
10. Ticketmaster

The Most Evil Internet Companies:

1. Facebook
2. Comcast
3. Apple
4. Time Warner Cable
5. Go Daddy
6. AOL
7. Electronic Arts
8. Microsoft Corporation
9. Google
10. Twitter