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Executive Q&A: Paul Winslow

Paul Winslow

Managing partner

Winslow + Partners


Years in CRE:  50

Years at company: 2


Q: What attracted you to the industry?

A: The ability to create a positive environment for people to live, work and play. The opportunity to have an impact on the lives of people and the community as a whole.


Q: How has the industry changed since you started?

A: Technology has changed virtually all aspects of how we live and work. Architects used to draw buildings, but now we build them virtually. The second major change is just happening and that is the change in our social patterns. That will have an extremely profound effect on everything we do.


Q: What professional achievement gives you the most pride?

A: Being recognized by my peers in being elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects and growing a very successful company for 40 years before retiring from it were major. However, now I would have to say that starting a new firm focused on creating ideas for our changing world is the most exciting thing I have done.

September/October 2012

AZRE Magazine September/October 2012

AZRE Magazine September/October 2012

More face time for people in the industry

Peter MadridSpectacular structures and beautiful buildings dominate the images that grace the pages of AZRE magazine. However, we can never forget that the real superstars are the people behind all those projects.

That’s why you will see more (familiar) faces in this issue, with a twist on two of our regular features.

  • I am finding that many of you commercial real estate professionals do some pretty cool things when you’re off the clock. With that in mind, we will now feature two people in After Hours. Check out page 28.
  • With business picking up, firms are promoting from within and hiring more people. Those announcements, which filled the Newsmakers page, are now being posted on azbigmedia.com. In its place is a new feature, Executive Q&A. Each issue will offer a glimpse of four top decision makers in the various industry sectors. On page 26.

Starting with this issue and beginning on page 30, AZRE magazine unveils its inaugural Big Deals awards. We recognize the top brokers and brokerage-related firms in 20 categories. Helping make the selections were our staff, votes cast on our website, managing directors from the top brokerage firms and a handful of Arizona’s commercial developers.

Our three supplements also include member profiles and a Q&A with the respective “head honchos.”

You will find a lot of smiling faces in this issue — present company included.

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Peter Madrid, Editor

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