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Jacob Gold, President Of Jacob Gold & Associates

Jacob Gold AZ Business Magazine Sept/Oct 2010

Describe your very first job. My first job came in high school, when I worked at a retail clothing store at the Paradise Valley Mall. I learned to appreciate and respect all customers, and that they were always right. Describe your first job in your industry. While studying economics at Arizona State University, I realized… Read More →

The Recent Market Turmoil Revealed The Weaknesses And Strengths Of Wealth Management Advisers, Service Models

Weaknesses And Strengths Of Wealth Management Advisers, Service Models - AZ Business Magazine June 2010

The market turmoil of the last 18 months has caused investors to ask a lot of questions. Am I properly diversified and allocated to withstand additional market gyrations? Is my risk tolerance really as high as I think it is? Do I trust my financial adviser and those I’ve placed in charge of managing my… Read More →

Valuations For Financial Institutions Are Falling — And Presenting New Opportunities For Estate Planning

“Strange,” “Nothing like it before,” “Astonishing” are a few ways to describe what has transpired in the financial institution industry over the last several months. As liquidity and asset concerns for financial institutions have become magnified, national economic trends have exacerbated the situation. Despite all of this gloomy news there is at least one silver… Read More →

Volatility Can Be A Portfolio’s Greatest Threat

Wall street bull

The up-and-down swings of the markets are giving everybody vertigo. Yet most people fail to understand how critical it is to minimize the volatility within their investments. Besides getting a better night’s sleep, there are sound mathematical reasons. Most people are astounded to learn that they can actually earn a lesser rate of return with… Read More →