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Michael Cordier Named Partner at Murphy Karber, Firm Gets New Name

Michael A Cordier
by in Business News

  Murphy Karber, a Phoenix construction, real estate and business law firm, announced it has added a third partner, Michael A. Cordier. The firm also announced its new name, Murphy Karber Cordier PLC and unveiled a new logo. The firm will also use the trade name “MKC Law,” taking advantage of the State Bar of… Read More →

Over-Training, Under-Eating: Looking Vs. Being Healthy

Over-training, under-eating
by in Shape

Lose weight the right way — avoid over-training and under-eating. Summertime! For many, this means vacations, adventures, fun drinks, good food and less clothing. That last one might make you feel a bit self-conscious. But there’s still time to look better! All you have to do is starve yourself and exercise every day until it’s… Read More →

Media-Influenced Weight Loss, Nutrition: Make Informed Decisions

by in Columnist Spotlight | Healthcare

“I really don’t eat that badly.” If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that, I’d be retired. If you’re seeking advice on nutrition there’s something about your body you want to change that your current eating habits are not satisfying. Your nutrition What is the basis for your nutritional guidelines? Are… Read More →

Start Your Transformation By Eating The Right Foods: Super Foods

Eat healthy, eat super foods
by in Healthcare

While many take on the challenge of losing weight as a New Year’s resolution, some scour the web for quick and easy fixes such as diet pills or fasting. Who really has patience anymore in this era of instant gratification, right? But, the first step to losing weight is learning how to eat right. This… Read More →